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German Electric Motorcycle Maker Tinbot Introduces TB-RS1 Naked Bike

Tinbot, a company that manufactures electric two-wheelers, was established a few years ago in Germany. The brand was initially associated with a number of electric scooter models, followed by two enduro and motard variations built on the same platform. With the introduction of the TB-RS1, a 125cc-equivalent electric motorbike with modern, naked sportbike styling, the company is now focusing on a widely popular segment of motorcycling.

The RS1 adopts the contemporary aesthetic of big, sporty naked bikes with a well-rounded faux fuel tank and a wide, front-centric silhouette. With its pointed LED headlamp, it somewhat resembles the BMW S 1000 R when looked at head-on. The proportions are comparable to those of high capacity machines, with a seat that’s 850 millimeters from the ground and a 1,550 millimeter wheelbase.


On the performance side of things, the Tinbot TB-RS1 packs quite a punch, however, it’s important to note that power output ratings are presented in their peak values with 47.6 horsepower and 63 ft-lbs of torque. As is the case with electric motors, their nominal outputs are a much more realistic representation of their actual performance, and with the RS1, its motor is rated for a nominal output of 11.5 horsepower. Because of this, the RS1 has a top speed of just 75 miles per hour. At least this means that it’s L3e-approved, and can be ridden by A1 and B license holders.

A lithium-ion battery that Tinbot claims can be recharged in around six hours powers the TB-RS1. Additionally, the battery claims a 62-mile range in performance mode, enabling you to cruise for extended distances at 60 miles per hour, and an even more impressive 125-mile range in eco mode. These numbers, if accurate, are rather remarkable, especially given that the electric motorbike weighs 183 kilograms.

In terms of technology, the Tinbot RS1 comes with a type 2 connector, a full-color TFT display, and a full set of LED lights as standard equipment. Dual disc brakes up front, and a single disc at the rear bring the RS1 to a stop. Meanwhile, the bike also gets beefy inverted front forks and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock. All these features also add to the RS1’s sporty, go-fast aesthetics.

German Electric Motorcycle Maker Tinbot Introduces TB-RS1 Naked Bike
German Electric Motorcycle Maker Tinbot Introduces TB-RS1 Naked Bike

The Tinbot TB-RS1 is offered in four basic colors: black, blue, gray, and red. It costs 10,990 Euros, or around $10,710 USD. The RS1 is now exclusively offered in Germany, Austria, and Italy, however some independent distributors do business in other Eastern European countries.

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