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Ryvid Launches Aerospace-Inspired Electric Motorcycle For Commuters


Irvine, California-based Ryvid is new on the motorcycle scene, and it isn’t shy about its aerospace roots. The self-proclaimed “aerospace industry gearheads” bring a sleek yet purposeful design to the EV mobility market with the Anthem, a new lightweight electric motorbike catering to the commuting crowd.

As ever, range and charge times are key to an electric model’s viability, and Ryvid positions the Anthem to compete with today’s top contenders. The 4.3 kWh lithium-ion battery nets up to 75 miles (50 miles in Sport Mode) and its removable and rollable configuration eases the recharging process. When connected to a 220V

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adam waldron converts 1980s honda motorcycle into electric ride


adam waldron unveils CB100-E Electric Honda Motorcycle


British designer Adam Waldron has given new life to a classic 1980s CB100 Honda motorcycle, fitting it with a 2000w electric hub motor — creating a budget-friendly ride for the city. ‘The overarching goal was to build a practical daily rider for less than £2000, do at least 50 miles on a single charge, and keep up with city traffic. The bike is ULEZ and congestion zone exempt, and because it is also considered a classic vehicle, it’s also tax and MOT exempt. As a result, it’s the best of both

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Five essential monsoon motorcycle and scooter maintenance tips


Monsoon maintenance tips. Here are five essential tips to keep your motorcycle and scooter safe during the rainy season.

The monsoon’s upon us and for some, this means parking the two-wheeler and switching to four-wheelers. However, for others, two-wheelers can either be the only mode of transport, or they’re not afraid of a little splash. Whichever the situation, the beloved scooter or motorcycle needs to be in top running condition and to be so, here are 5 essential monsoon motorcycle maintenance tips.


The first and foremost move in maintaining a two-wheeler during the monsoon is to get it away

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Tesla isn’t dominating electric bikes, but Harley, Honda might


The Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle doesn’t have big sales yet, but CEO Jochen Zeitz recently remarked during an earnings call, “It’s also attracting new riders, new customers to the brand that might not have considered Harley-Davidson before.”

Source: Harley-Davidson

Tesla reached a $500 billion market valuation this week, a sign of its dominance in the electric vehicle market. But Elon Musk has shown no real interest in one growing EV segment: battery-powered scooters and motorcycles. An accident he suffered as a youth on a motorbike — nearly fatal, Musk has said — turned him off two-wheelers, for now. But the

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Honda CD70 – A Story of Love and Hate!


Guest Author: Aamir Sohail

Well, what can I say about Honda CD70 which hasn’t been said already but, as once said by Harvey Dent in Batman, you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain. The same can be said to some extent about the Honda CD70.  Almost every Pakistani can say that they he has rode this bike during his life.

Benefits of Honda CD70

Honda CD70 ticked and still ticks all the boxes for an average Pakistani for what he wants in his motorbike. It has a good fuel mileage,70-80 km/l, a

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