Thursday Jun 08, 2023

The RTR 799e Is An Astounding Electric Motorcycle From A Popular Custom Shop

Electrification is the inevitable future, and whoever isn’t ready for it is missing out big time. Not only do big names in the motorcycle industry – BMW, Ducati, Honda – realize this, but even custom bikemakers are geared up to jump aboard the EV bandwagon. The newest example of the latter is Brazil’s Retrorides By Laurenco. Though the shop has excelled at custom BMW K series builds for 30 years, it has now plundered into the EV world with its new RTR 799e electric motorcycle.

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The RTR 799e Electric

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Will Electric Motorcycles Ever Own the Road? [Commentary]

It seems that there are more and more entrants into the electric motorcycle market every day. An interesting example we covered here recently is the brainchild of Wisconsin’s own Erik Buell in the form of the Fuell Fllow. As is the case with many in the e-cycle field, the bike is targeted to the urban riding and commuting environment.

In 2015, Polaris (the snowmobile/UTV and Indian motorcycle builder) bought up Brammo electric motorcycles. It re-branded the Brammo product as Victory with its flagship model labeled the Empulse TT, as told in Victory Motorcycles—the Complete Story of an American Original by

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Energica Ego Is the Ultimate Race-Bred Electric Motorcycle With a 150 Mph Top Speed

Energica Motor Company is a company from Modena, Italy, and it operates as a subsidiary of CRP Group, an Italian group with rich experience in motorsport and more. Energica prides itself as an “apostle of Change and Revolution in the world of Sustainability.” The company’s vision is to “Lead the Charge” toward a future with no-emission electric mobility.

There are four e-motorcycles available in Energica’s range, some of which I’ve covered before on autoevolution. There’s one for each type of rider: the Experia tourer, the Eva Ribelle e-fighter, the EsseEsse9 retro-style bike, and the one I’d like to talk

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Volvo Delivers Its 1st Electric Heavy-Duty Truck In Africa

In some ways, it’s going to be a little easier to electrify transportation in developing countries. While the top selling car in history is the Toyota Corolla, its sales are dwarfed by the Honda Super Cub and its variants, and motorcycle sales are dwarfed by those of bicycles like the Chinese Flying Pigeon.

Motorcycles and scooters have become increasingly popular in developing nations due to their low cost, fuel efficiency, and ease of use. They require less maintenance than cars, are easier to maneuver through city streets, and can save money on fuel costs. Furthermore, in many countries where infrastructure

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Why Fox News wants you to be afraid of electric bikes

Fox News is no stranger to the tactic of fearmongering as a way to stir up its base. But the media network’s latest misdirection campaign attempts to use fear to attack a surprising new target: electric bicycles.

Electric bicycles are essentially normal bicycles but with the addition of a small electric helper motor and a lithium-ion battery for energy storage. They go faster than most pedal bikes while requiring less effort from the rider, which has made them a popular alternative vehicle in cities and suburbs. They’ve found favor as cheaper car replacements for many people. As a type of

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Long range electric motorcycles are now charging up at Tesla Superchargers

When Tesla announced that it would begin opening up its Supercharger stations in the US for non-Tesla EVs, we expected to see a wide range of electric cars flood the fast charging stations. And that has certainly happened in the last few days since the Superchargers were opened up to the masses. But it’s not just electric cars that are taking advantage of the new fast charger access. Now electric motorcycles are getting the good juice, too.

Several of Tesla’s Superchargers have been updated with a new Magic Dock, which is a CCS connector designed to allow charging by non-Tesla

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