Thursday Jun 08, 2023

10 Cheap JDM Cars That are A Blast To Drive

Every gearhead looking for the best value for their money knows that the best place to look is in the Japanese Domestic market. It’s undeniable that JDM cars offer some of the best performances in the automotive industry and are aesthetically pleasing. Also, besides their high-performance stats, most JDMs are among the most affordable Japanese cars on the market – “ordinary people” can afford them. Additionally, they are available everywhere across the globe.

Updated April 2023: JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars have a reputation for being both affordable and fun to drive. From the legendary Mitsubishi Eclipse GTX to the

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10 Affordable Sports Cars To Buy In 2023

The world’s latest and greatest sports cars serve up the perfect balance of performance, technology and space: everything you’d need for 21st century motoring. Arguably, the cream of the crop at present is the Porsche 718 Boxster – a serious racer and a perfect daily rolled into one efficient package.

Updated April 2023: Buying a sports car needn’t be expensive if you look in the right place. Why fork out a huge amount if you can find yourself a brand-new alternative elsewhere, with minimal compromise but just as much fun? We regularly update this story to keep readers informed of

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What’s the Difference Between a Sports Car and a Sports Sedan?

Sports cars are admired in the automotive world for many reasons, the most obvious being their incredible performance capabilities. Some also carry an air of exclusivity: There are only four new muscle cars for the 2022 model year. Sports cars also have unique aerodynamic designs that other vehicles lack. Another class of cars, known as sports sedans, offer fine-tuned driving dynamics and more powerful engines. How do these vehicles differ from traditional sports cars?

Let’s go over the differences and compare some of the most popular examples from both segments.

How do you define a sports car?

2022 Toyota GR Supra sports car
2022 Toyota GR
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These Are The 11 Coolest Honda Sports Cars Ever Made

Honda is a household brand that currently boasts the largest internal combustion engine and motorcycle production of any manufacturer globally. Surprisingly, despite these impressive stats, Honda is rarely one of the first names in mind during sports car discussions. The leadership’s focus on safety, efficiency, and reliability has seen Honda offer a relatively thinned-out sports car lineup over the years compared to other heavy hitters.

Updated March 2023: From the S500 and S600, which are largely considered as Honda’s first sports cars, to the incredibly amazing NSX that has remained in production even until recent times, this list has some

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10 Best Budget Sports Cars On The Market In 2022

When it comes to enjoying the simple joys in life, driving down the open road in a great driver’s car is at the top of the list. Few cars rival the excitement and pleasure of a sports car, from its track-worthy performance to dazzling appearance and razor-sharp handling.

Updated October 2022: The year 2022 has admittedly been an amazing one for the world of sports cars, with plenty of new and exciting models hitting the streets. The affordable sports car market landscape has changed significantly since 2021, so we’ve updated this list to reflect the current best sports cars most

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10 Sports Cars from the 2000s Still Worth Buying

The 2000s were a decade of rapid technological advancements, one where flip phones turned into smartphones and laptops were finally making some gains on desktop computers. It was, arguably, the decade of the Fast And Furious franchise, and one could even argue that it was the rise of tuning culture across most of the United States. Above all, though, it was the decade of the electronic uprising in our sporty cars. The first flappy paddles found their way into up-market supercars, and even the more mundane machinery came with a host of electronic aids to keep them level and straight

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