Thursday Jun 08, 2023

The Rise of Adventure Motorcycles: Big Bikes for Big Adventures

Adventure motorcycles, also known as ADV bikes, have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more riders opting for these big bikes for their versatility and durability. Adventure motorcycles offer riders the ability to explore rough terrain, go on long-distance tours, and take on challenging off-road adventures, all while providing a comfortable and stable ride. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the rise of adventure motorcycles, their features and benefits, and why they have become the latest trend in the world of motorcycles.

Features of Adventure Motorcycles

Adventure motorcycles are designed to provide riders with … Read more

10 Most Popular Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

The first Harley-Davidson hit the road in 1903. Since then, America’s most famous motorcycle brand has produced countless two and three wheel models. While not every bike was a success, the company continues to dominate because though it may fail at times, it ultimately aspires to stay true to its roots.

Purists appreciate Harley’s commitment to tradition. And though they do update their technology from time to time, they don’t stray too far from their roots and what they’re best known for. Newcomers appreciate Harley’s willingness to experiment with new bike designs and attempts at entering new markets. These bikes

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10 Most Exciting Bikes Coming in 2023

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In 2022, things slowly began returning to normal after the pandemic and bike makers did give us a lot of great bikes like the Royal Enfield Hunter, the all-new Bajaj Pulsar P150 and so many more. But this year promises a lot more action in the two wheeler space, with many Indian bike makers planning to launch world class products in India. So while this list won’t include every single bike coming this year, and our timelines might be guesstimates in some cases, here are the top 10 motorcycles we are

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2022 Motorcycle Buyers Guide: New Street Models

This 2022 motorcycle buyers guide highlights new or significantly updated street-legal models available in the U.S. It includes cruisers, sportbikes, retro-styled bikes, scooters, touring bikes, and more.

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Organized in alphabetical order by manufacturer, it includes photos, pricing, key update info, and links to first looks and – when available – first rides, road tests, and video reviews of each motorcycle.


2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory review
2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

When Aprilia introduced the Tuono 660 in 2021, the new naked bike owed much of its form to the RS 660

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The 20 Best Yamaha Motorcycles Ever Made

Best Yamaha Motorcycles

Yamaha MT-10

Since its founding back in 1955, the Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. has come a long way, today being the second largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, after Honda.

Revolutionary in their designs and continuously innovating, the brilliant people from Yamaha have achieved world fame with their incredible lineup of motorcycles.

With countless successes in motorsports, Yamaha tested their motorcycles to their limits and beyond. It’s how they managed to innovate and produce state of the art machines at every stage during their history.

Among all their amazing motorcycles, there are some bikes which have set new standards in

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World Motorcycles Market – Data & Fact 2022


World Motorcycles Industry Shines. Based on the registrations data collected across the 84 countries we cover, McD reports sales in the first nine months 2022 have been 40.5 million (+3.7%) projecting the entire year at 61.8 million, the second highest level ever.

McD tracks new motorcycles registrations in over 80 different markets, representing the 98% of the global motorcycles industry (including categories like ATVs/RUV, Tuk-tuk and – of course – 2/3 wheelers). So, we report on REAL historical data and our forecast are based on facts and data. We do not sell “Market Research”, but REAL data in excel

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