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How to Pack for a Motorcycle Adventure

Planning and packing bright can make all the difference for a successful motorcycle adventure. Here are some tips for what to pack:

Essential Gear

Make sure you have all the vital gear that is necessary and allowed on the road, such as a helmet, riding gloves, clothing appropriate for different weather conditions, durable footwear and any other items required to ensure your safety while riding.

When embarking on a motorcycle adventure, having the right gear is essential to keep you safe and make your experience as enjoyable as possible. 

  • Helmet: Wearing a helmet is essential when it comes to motorcycle
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2022 Motorcycle Buyers Guide: New Street Models

This 2022 motorcycle buyers guide highlights new or significantly updated street-legal models available in the U.S. It includes cruisers, sportbikes, retro-styled bikes, scooters, touring bikes, and more.

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Organized in alphabetical order by manufacturer, it includes photos, pricing, key update info, and links to first looks and – when available – first rides, road tests, and video reviews of each motorcycle.


2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory review
2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

When Aprilia introduced the Tuono 660 in 2021, the new naked bike owed much of its form to the RS 660

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Motorcycling – A Kolkata biker and his Australian friend find zen in their art of motorcycle maintenance

Ankit Ghosh can vividly recollect the walkway in his childhood Tollygunge home. This was where he learnt to ride his first two-wheeler — a bicycle. “None of my other early memories has ever matched that feeling,” says Ghosh. The 24-year-old remembers a vacant spot where his father and uncle had first taught him to ride without training wheels. “My father would literally hold onto my shoulders, never letting go. But my uncle had a different approach. He would let me be after a point. I would fall and bruise myself, but I would learn my lesson. Looking back, I think

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The RTR 799e Is An Astounding Electric Motorcycle From A Popular Custom Shop

Electrification is the inevitable future, and whoever isn’t ready for it is missing out big time. Not only do big names in the motorcycle industry – BMW, Ducati, Honda – realize this, but even custom bikemakers are geared up to jump aboard the EV bandwagon. The newest example of the latter is Brazil’s Retrorides By Laurenco. Though the shop has excelled at custom BMW K series builds for 30 years, it has now plundered into the EV world with its new RTR 799e electric motorcycle.

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The RTR 799e Electric

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How to know when your motorcycle needs an engine oil change: Five signs

The engine of a motorcycle is the heart of the vehicle, and it runs on fuel. But, beyond that, it requires engine oil, which lubricates and enables the numerous internal components to run smoothly without colliding with one another. The engine oil ensures the internal components function without developing easy wear and tear. Hence, it is essential to check engine oil levels regularly. It is also important to keep the motorcycle engine in a good mood by using the correct oil and by checking if the oil inside the motor is in good condition.

HT Auto Desk


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The 8 Motorcycle Types You Should Know Before You Buy

In some respects, motorcycles are like power tools: there are dozens of manufacturers building them and almost too many different kinds to even count, but each one is designed to be best at a specific job. Unlike power tools, though, motorcycles can stir the soul — and take you on adventures that you’ll never forget.

If you’re new to the two-wheeled world or thinking about diving in, though, the myriad types of bikes out there can be confusing. It can help to know the difference between sport and sport-touring, what separates a café racer from a scrambler — and to

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