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Brand new for 2022, the Energica Experia hopes that the largest battery pack on two wheels will do enough to tempt new & existing riders to ‘green touring’.

Though certainly a premium machine with a price tag of £27,790, the given range for the Energica Experia is a maximum of 260 miles, while longer stints at top speed may see that dwindle closer to 130 miles. 

Have a watch of the video review below and see what you think. At the very least, you can enjoy the beautiful Dolomites views.

Now, there seem to be two distinct camps when it comes to electric machines – those that believe it’s worth a look, offering an alternative means of two-wheeled travel, and those that are put off by the recharge times and purchase price. 

You can see what both are getting at, and despite a full charge possible in around an hour (when plugged into a DC fast-charge), you’d almost certainly need to pre-plan your touring route to account for multiple stops, particularly where charge points are few & far between.

As a tourer, the Experia fits the bill with a huge 112 litres of storage space in the top box and panniers (though they do look quite rudimentary), and a tall 847mm seat combined with the 260kg weight may restrict who can jump on it, to begin with.

One huge benefit of the green tourer is the instant torque on offer, with a quoted 900Nm to the rear wheel through a twist-and-go single gear. As said in the video review, it’s what I’d imagine it feels like entering light speed in the Millennium Falcon – though at the same time, a smooth and gradual acceleration.

If you’re on the fence about the capabilities of an electric tourer, I can only recommend you test ride one to find out for yourself.

If you want more words, have a read of the full Energica Experia written review.

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