Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Video: Husqvarna Launches Norden 901 Expedition Adventure Tourer – Roadracing World Magazine

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Husqvarna Motorcycles is excited to unveil the Norden 901 Expedition – a new and highly capable touring machine designed to offer endless exploration. Expertly assembled with premium Technical Accessories to improve ease of use, the Norden 901 Expedition comes complete with long travel WP XPLOR suspension to ensure all riders can explore further for longer. The new travel motorcycle

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Biker explains why he sold his 1100cc Africa Twin and bought a KTM Adventure 390 [Video]

Owning and driving a massive adventure or sports bike is a dream of a ton of people in the country. Although not everyone is lucky enough to actually buy and own one of these bikes and experience themselves first hand. From a distance it may seem like having these bikes is just too simple and easy but as revealed by Bulu Pattnaik – an avid adventure biker and vlogger it’s the total opposite of what it seems from the surface. Recently the vlogger switched from the Honda Africa Twin to a KTM Adventure 390 and to justify his purchase the

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Honda Civic modified to look like Lamborghini looks great [Video]

There are many videos online where local workshops from different parts of the country have built replica cars. There are some who make replica SUVs like Hummer, and G-Wagen while there are others who make sports cars. We have seen several examples of Ferrari and Lamborghini replicas in India. Most of them don’t looks exactly like a Lamborghini or Ferrari as they are made with limited resources. Here we have a video where a workshop in Bhopal has made a neat-looking replica of a Lamborghini Aventador roadster supercar.

The video has been shared by MIHIR GALAT on their YouTube channel.

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“Obi Cubana Needs to See this”: Nigerian Boy Builds Sports Car Himself, Drives it on Edo Road, Video Trends

  • A talented Nigerian boy caused a commotion on a road in Edo state after he drove his hand-made car on it
  • The lad’s mind-boggling creation got people gathering around him as they marvelled over his ability
  • Social media users were impressed with the boy’s sports car and lamented how his likes may not be helped by those at the helm of affairs is celebrating business personalities of 2022. See top entrepreneurs of Fintech, Startup, Transportation, Banking and other sectors!

A Nigerian boy has become a viral sensation after he was spotted driving a hand-made sports car in Edo state.

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Video Of Bikers Encountering Wild Tiger Goes Viral

Life can spring anything on you at any time. Something of the sort took place with a bike rider and his passenger when they were speeding in a forest area. The two fellows encountered a tiger peacefully crossing the road; what happened after will definitely surprise you!

Bikers Encounter Wild Tiger Crossing Road

Video Of Bikers Encountering Wild Tiger Goes Viral

At times like these, a person simply goes into their fight or flight response, and from the looks of the clip, it is apparent that the rider made the wise choice of picking up “flight” as his answer to the fateful meeting. In the

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Mukesh and Nita Ambani welcome twin grandchildren in cars worth over Rs 35 crore! [Video]

While the Ambani family welcomed the twin grandchildren and the videos became viral on the Internet, the only part we could focus on is the cars. Ambanis currently have the most expensive garage in India with more than 200 cars including luxury cars and sports cars. While we have seen the Ambanis riding their ultra-expensive cars too many times now, this is the first time that they have been spotted standing outside with their armoured vehicles.

The Ambanis opened the gates of Antila to the photographers for the first time ever. While welcoming their children who have visited for the

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