The Best American Sports Car Ever Made

chevrolet corvette Full Overview


  • All-time great naturally aspirated engine
  • PDK-equivalent transmission
  • World-class handling



  • Doesn’t burble
  • Can’t see the engine on convertible models
  • Squircle steering wheel isn’t for everyone

How can we say this so definitively? What about the Ford GT, you might ask? What about the Dodge Viper ACR? We’ve driven them, tested them with our instrumentation, and we’ve tracked them, and they’re both great cars. Each is a Le Mans winner in its own right (though Corvette Racing has more wins than the two of them combined). The 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is better.

Engine Notes


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These Are The Favorite Bikes Of American Motorcycle Clubs


From outlaw motorcycle gangs also known as the One-Percenters to the more general motorcycle clubs, motorcycles have always been their identity.

Over the years, one common thing among motorcycle club members is their love for motorcycles. They do not only appreciate the beauty, ruggedness, and strength of these machines but also know all about them, from torque to hp to engine ratings.

From your sputtering agile motorbikes to the more subtle classic ones, there is a bike for every rider and every club. Although we may not know much about them, given the level of secrecy motorcycle clubs operate in,

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The New BMW R 18 Transcontinental Is A Luxurious Grand American Tourer


What is it that constitutes a grand American touring motorcycle? Simply being a cruiser motorcycle just won’t cut it. In fact, BMW already has a version of the K1600 that’s even called the Grand America. But that just won’t cut it. It’s the essence of being wild and free and simply soaking in the landscape until the horizon comes knocking. There’s a certain kind of highway utopia that only the rumble of a big-bore twin-cylinder can assuage. It’s like a massage for the soul. Think Peter Fonda in Easy Rider and then deny that wanting to emulate the outlaw life

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