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Swiss-Built Harley-Davidson Road Glide Wants To Amp Up American Touring

Built by Switzerland’s Bundnerbike, this custom Road Glide comes wrapped in a dazzling tricolor livery

The motorcycle still looks undeniably Harley, but much sportier

Customizing is a key part of the Harley-Davidson culture with thousands of shops worldwide that excel at it. But most of them stick to simpler Harley models – Evo-powered Sportsters, Street Bobs, Fat Boys – and only a few shops are gutsy enough to take on Harley-Davidson’s mammoth Grand American Touring cruisers. A prime example is Switzerland’s Bundnerbike which recently added some sporty flavor to the Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special, creating a staggering custom cruiser.

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Custom Road Glide By Bundnerbike

Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide Bundnerbike 3

A black and red livery adorns the custom Road Glide. After all, what says sporty more than a good black-red finish?

Called the Street Emperor by its makers, the custom motorcycle has shed its old-school charm in favor of a more swanky aesthetic. Chrome elements – engine bay, exhaust, suspension – have all been blacked out whereas the quaint OEM livery has made way for snazzy triple-tone graphics. This is complemented by red cylinder heads, calipers, clutch/brake levers, and most importantly, a set of trick-looking wheels with a custom fender up top. Meanwhile, extended custom saddlebags and a sleeker fuel tank cover round out the new appearance.

Diving deeper, the sportiness also extends to the underpinnings. Bundnerbike has swapped the OEM telescopic forks and swept-back handlebar with adjustable upside-down forks and a custom flat handlebar. These, along with the upgraded custom calipers and petal rotors, should allow higher speeds and more fun in the twisties.

Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide Bundnerbike 4

In typical Bundnerbike fashion, there aren’t many engine upgrades on offer

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Speaking of speed, the Road Glide Special’s 1,868cc, V-twin remains unchanged for the most part, barring the full free-flow exhaust system (that exits out of the saddlebags) and a custom air filter. Thanks to these, the power output should equate to more thump than the stock 93-HP output–likely around 100 ponies. Once on the go, you’ll also appreciate the repositioned analog instrument cluster, custom ribbed seat, and our favorite, the toothed floorboards color-matched to the livery. Talk about attention to detail!

Other nitty-gritty upgrades on the Street Emperor include Kellerman LEDs outback (with brake light and indicator functions), dual-tone handlebar grips, and crash protectors from Bundnerbike’s catalog. The fascia – front fairing, squarish headlights, windshield – remains bone stock, though.

Can You Buy The Street Emperor?

Custom Harley-Davidson Road Glide Bundnerbike 2

The extended saddlebags house the exhaust cans to create a clean tail end

Bundnerbike’s website doesn’t list the Street Emperor for sale. However, we urge you to get in touch with the shop for a clearer answer, hopefully, a quote on the build too. Also, Bundnerbike is also open to new custom projects, in case you have a vision for your Harley-Davidson. The build will not be “affordable,” however, so keep a fat check ready. After all, even a stock Road Glide retails for $21,999.

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