After Winning Amber Heard Trial, Johnny Depp Put His $30K Harley Davidson Bike from ‘Cry Baby’ for Sale More Than 8X the Price


The world-famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been able […]

The world-famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been able to be in the headlines constantly. The defamation case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard perplexed the entire world. Both the actors sued and countersued each other. In the end, the jury settled the defamation case in favor of Depp. But this time Depp has made headlines for his decades-old motorbike. The bike, Harley Davidson, which he used during the shooting of Cry-Baby back in 1990. Depp’s Harley was set for auction on June 25, 2022. But it seems that the Bike couldn’t find its new owner.

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Johnny Depp's Cry-Baby Bike
Johnny Depp’s Cry-Baby Bike

Johnny Depp’s Harley is ‘On sale’?

The 1955 Model K of Harley Davidson was all set for the auction at GWS auctions in Agoura Hills with a hefty opening at a whopping $ 250,000. Potential bidders had to bid in increments of $25,000 to win a chance to ride the superstar’s bike. The auction house describes it as “an iconic one-of-a-kind cinema vehicle” as this was the ‘picture bike’ used throughout filming in principal photography on location in Maryland and Los Angeles. 

The bike had a profound impact on Depp’s fans as like all the cliché movies back in time, Wade Walker, Deep’s character, went on romance with his girlfriend and got in a chicken race with the villain on the same bike for his love. Both the character and bike were indeed a hot topic back in time. 

The GWS announcement of the auction came shortly after Once Upon a Time in Mexico’s actor won the trial. Depp’s ambushing online support and popularity were at a peak and it was assumed that despite the big start, the bike would sell out at a drastic amount with seven folds increment.

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Johnny Depp riding his red Harley In Cry-Baby
Johnny Deep riding his Harley in Cry-Baby

Johnny Depp’s Red Harley is still an Orphan

It is tough to point out the exact reason for the failed auction but to speculate a few it could be a whopping start. The Model K is also not a very popular or demanded classic vehicle. The museum couldn’t confirm the running condition of the bike too. Not to forget the fact that Depp has rejected the offer of Disney despite the decent compensatory amount to come back in the franchise of Pirates of The Caribbean and the fact that the complete truth behind the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case has not yet been unveiled. So the buyers may be pessimistic about the actor’s big comeback. Johnny Depp may be in the limelight for a while but it still does not ensure his hold and popularity with the audience.

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Johnny Depp Harley with Harley Davidson
Johnny Depp’s Harley is still orphan

Whatever the reason, it seems that Depp’s Harley needs to be more patient to find an owner once again. For the time being the bike is going to be dormant and stand still in the museum. Yet the true Johnny Depp fans can visit the museum to see their star’s vehicle.

Source: The Richest

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