Thursday Jun 08, 2023

A Rare Factory-Supercharged Ford Thunderbird “F-Code” Is For Sale

The Ford Thunderbird “F-Code” is undeniably the most desirable of the first generation production Thunderbirds. Externally they look much like their naturally-aspirated stablemates but once you look under the hood you can’t miss the hefty McCulloch/Paxton centrifugal supercharger.

Just 212 examples of the F-Code Thunderbird were made, largely due to the significant additional cost, but Ford hadn’t developed the high-performance version in the hopes of selling them hand over fist – they were developed to homologate the supercharged version for NASCAR competition.

Fast Facts – The Ford Thunderbird “F-Code”

  • The first generation Ford Thunderbird was introduced in the 1955 model
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4 Cool Modified Cars From Auto Expo 2023 That We Would Like To See On Sale

These four cars just get cosmetic upgrades over their regular models, but definitely look sportier and cooler

Coolest Modified Cars At Auto Expo 2023

At the Auto Expo 2023, we saw several concepts, some of which will make it to production, while some won’t. Besides the regular EV concepts that we saw, Maruti, Toyota and Tata had displayed some cosmetically modified cars on the stage as well. While it seems unlikely that they will ever be offered to customers, we sure would want them on sale. Here’s all you need to know about them: 

Maruti’s Matte Edition Cars

Maruti Grand Vitara Matte

While Maruti has launched its Black editions for the

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After Winning Amber Heard Trial, Johnny Depp Put His $30K Harley Davidson Bike from ‘Cry Baby’ for Sale More Than 8X the Price

The world-famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been able to be in the headlines constantly. The defamation case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard perplexed the entire world. Both the actors sued and countersued each other. In the end, the jury settled the defamation case in favor of Depp. But this time Depp has made headlines for his decades-old motorbike. The bike, Harley Davidson, which he used during the shooting of Cry-Baby back in 1990. Depp’s Harley was set for auction on June 25, 2022. But it seems that the Bike couldn’t find its new owner.

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Speed record-setting 1993 Bugatti EB110 Super Sport prototype for sale

A rare 1993 Bugatti EB110 Super Sport prototype is up for sale at Florida dealership Fort Lauderdale Collection South.

The car in question is chassis number 006 and engine number 0026. The listing claims engine 0026 is the one that broke the speed record of 212.94 mph in 1992. It’s unclear if the engine was in chassis 006 at the time. The car has just 2,108 miles on the odometer, and it’s painted Grigio Metallic with a blue interior.

Before the Volkswagen Group bought the brand and launched the Veyron and Chiron, Italian businessman Romano Artioli revived Bugatti in 1991

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There’s A Rare Ferrari 512 BB “Koenig Special” For Sale

This is a rare Ferrari 512 BB “Koenig Special,” a conversion that was carried out in the 1980s which included the full Koenig Specials widebody kit as well as new wheels and tires to match.

Koenig Specials were a series of modified cars (often supercars) and body kits, developed by Willy Koenig and his team starting in the 1970s. It should be noted that despite the similar name, there’s no link between Koenig and modern supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg.

Fast Facts – The Ferrari 512 BB “Koenig Special”

  • Willy Koenig started out in the printing business, he became wealthy and spent
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ARGAN bought Renault’s largest spare car parts warehouses in a sale & lease-back deal

Press releaseWednesday 02 November 2022 17h45

ARGAN bought Renault’s largest spare car parts warehouses in a sale & lease-back deal

A new milestone in ARGAN’s development has been reached in the Sens region with the acquisition of a 153,200 sq.m real estate complex dedicated to spare car parts for the Renault Group, which will now be leased for a period of 12 years as part of a sale and leaseback transaction.

The site of Villeroy inaugurated in Autumn 2006, is one of the three centers of the Parts and Accessories Logistics Department

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