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Upcoming Spring Trends To Add To Your Wardrobe

Upcoming Spring Trends To Add To Your Wardrobe

So you found yourself looking through your closet in preparation to be outside now that the sun will be out until 7 PM again and can’t seem to put together an outfit that doesn’t make you feel frustrated or not like you don’t have anything to wear. Been there, the dilemma isn’t that your clothes are boring; your style is changing. It’s a new year and a new you (I presume), and you’re trying to reinvent yourself to match “the you” inside to the outside. That’s why you need to go through your closet again for a spring cleaning (and sorting) to figure out how to get your groove back. Spring is the perfect reset to look into yourself and your closet.

As the trend cycle moves at such a rapid pace, take into account that you might not even need to buy many of the things in this new trend roundup, these trends could already be sitting in your closet if you give them a good look. Having a trendy wardrobe is fun, but if you’re wanting to move more toward intentional buying and sustainability this year, take a deep dive into what you already have.

Look through some of the hottest trends of this upcoming spring season below.


All silver everything is in. From jewelry to bags, the metal accessory is having a moment. We all remember stacking our gold necklaces a few years back. Now that silver has been trending, it’s much more understated in how it’s styled — a less is more approach.

Wide Leg Jeans 

This is definitely something you probably already have in your closet. The bigger the pants, the closer to God or something like that. Baggy jeans and pants have been in circulation forever and are back again.

Oversized Bags

The minibag’s days are numbered this season as we are now deciding that carrying everything in a tiny aesthetically pleasing bag isn’t cutting it. Nothing against a minibag, but a chic big bag says you have your life together these days.

Motorcross and Biker Jackets

This was trending a bit last year for a while so it’ll be interesting to see a motorcycle jacket go back into the limelight once again. Biker jackets we haven’t seen out and about in some time but reviving the past is what’s in.

Sheer Clothing

This trend can be as conservative or non-conservative as you want it to be. From tops, to skirts, to socks, the sheer trend is up for your interpretation.

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