Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Movie Characters That Started Big Fashion Trends

Some of the silver screen’s most entertaining and unforgettable characters have also proven to be sensational trendsetters in their own right. Throughout the course of cinematic history, there have been countless fashion movements and trends that have spread as a result of these memorable personalities, with instantly recognizable on-screen presences like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and effortlessly cool tomboy Annie Hall all making a major splash.

Regardless of the decade, Hollywood films have sparked major waves in fashion and have inspired moviegoers all across the world to embody and capture such styles. Whether replicating Cher’s bold yellow plaid

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Upcoming Spring Trends To Add To Your Wardrobe

Upcoming Spring Trends To Add To Your Wardrobe

So you found yourself looking through your closet in preparation to be outside now that the sun will be out until 7 PM again and can’t seem to put together an outfit that doesn’t make you feel frustrated or not like you don’t have anything to wear. Been there, the dilemma isn’t that your clothes are boring; your style is changing. It’s a new year and a new you (I presume), and you’re trying to reinvent yourself to match “the you” inside to the outside. That’s why you need to go through your closet again for a spring cleaning (and

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Trends and Forecasts of the Global Motorcycle

Motorcycle Filters Market

Motorcycle Filters Market

The market for motorcycle filters is anticipated to generate sales worth US$ 3,788.7 million in 2023 and continue to develop with a CAGR of approximately 4.9% to reach a market valuation of roughly US$ 6,112.9 million by the end of 2033. Due to the enormous volume of motorcycles produced, it is projected that sales of motorcycle filters will be dominated by countries in India, China, and ASEAN.

The motorcycle filters market is witnessing robust growth as motorcycles are gaining popularity due to their affordability, fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. The growing demand for performance-enhancing upgrades, such as

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IBC2023 Accelerators preview: Where sporting innovation has no limits | Industry Trends

Following on from this, the official IBC Accelerator Kickstart Day on 8 February 2023 will see ideas from the Roundtable – and a host of other proposals – whittled down into the final list for inclusion into the 2023 programme.


IBC2023 Accelerators: Building on past successes

Mark Smith, IBC Accelerator programme co-leader opened proceedings at the IBC2023 Accelerators Sport Roundtable in December by setting out the Accelerators programme stall, referencing the success of the IBC2022 Accelerator programme even under time constraints due to the pandemic.

“The 2022 Accelerator Programme was a huge success by any measure”, confirmed Smith, “but this

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Top 2023 car trends: rise of EVs, death of V8s

Since the summer of 2020, automakers have been struggling to meet buyer demand for new cars. A combo of a serious semiconductor shortage and plant closures related to the pandemic has driven the problem — and it’s been a tough one to fix. The shortage has sent prices of new and used vehicles skyrocketing, pushed waiting lists from weeks to months to years, and has lead to serious buyer unhappiness. But all that could start to change this year.

Expect more vehicles like this Hummer EV to roll off production lines in 2023.

Pricing calms down

At the recent Toyota Prius first drive event, Toyota Canada executives told us they expect the company to

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“Obi Cubana Needs to See this”: Nigerian Boy Builds Sports Car Himself, Drives it on Edo Road, Video Trends

  • A talented Nigerian boy caused a commotion on a road in Edo state after he drove his hand-made car on it
  • The lad’s mind-boggling creation got people gathering around him as they marvelled over his ability
  • Social media users were impressed with the boy’s sports car and lamented how his likes may not be helped by those at the helm of affairs is celebrating business personalities of 2022. See top entrepreneurs of Fintech, Startup, Transportation, Banking and other sectors!

A Nigerian boy has become a viral sensation after he was spotted driving a hand-made sports car in Edo state.

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