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Type 1 Toyota Fortuner SUV modified with Lexus body kit looks goo

Toyota Fortuner has been in the market for over a decade and in the last 10 years, we have seen the SUV evolve and change to meet the requirements of the customer. One thing that never changed however was the reliability factor. Even today, there are many type 1 Fortuner SUV owners that are using the SUV without any major issues. The SUVs have started looking old and in order to solve that problem, many of them have started looking for aftermarket modification options to give their SUV a fresh look. Here we have one such Fortuner type 1 SUV that has been neatly modified with a Lexus body kit.

The video has been uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner had dropped the car at the workshop for modification. The original colour of the SUV was Grey and he wanted a darker shade on his SUV. The SUV was slightly modified with smoked headlamps, blacked out top half and aftermarket alloy wheels. The owner was specific about the things that he wanted on his car but was slightly confused with what shade of black shoudl exactly he go for. After several discussions, they decided on a black shade that Porsche uses on its sports cars.

The work on the car started and the team removed the front grille, bumper and headlamps. The fenders were also removed and were replaced with a type 2 unit. Once this was done, they started marking dents on the body and started fixing it. The paint was removed and a dent puller machine was used to fix the dent. The surfaced was then grinded to get a smooth finish before applying the thin coat of putty. The excess putty was removed using a sander and later the whole car was sanded before applying the primer.

Toyota Fortuner type 1 modified with Lexus kit looks sporty [Video]

The primer was sprayed on to the car and after that the excess was removed using the same sanding process. Once this was fixed, the whole SUV was washed and taken to the paint booth. This is where they applied premium quality black paint on the SUV. The doors, bonnet, bumper, fenders and wheel cladding were all painted black. The front bumper was replaced with an aftermarket Lexus kit. It gets Lexus like large front grille with chrome outlines. The stock headlamps have been replaced with aftermarket type 2 projector LED units. The headlamp gets integrated LED DRLs and there are dual-function LED DRLs on the bumper next to the fog lamp too.

In order to add a sporty character, there is a Red accent on the lower part of the bumper. The alloy wheel has been retained and at the rear, the original bumper has been replaced with a Lexus body kit. There are red accents on the rear bumper as well. A set of reflector LED lamps are also seen here. The stock tail lamps have also been replaced with an aftermarket LED unit with illuminated Fortuner badge in the center. No changes have been done to the interior of the SUV.

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