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Toyota Legender 4×4 modified into a GR Sport variant

Toyota Fortuner is an extremely popular SUV among buyers. It is a vehicle that needs no introduction and it has been dominating in its segment since its launch. Over the years, Toyota has made several changes to the Fortuner and the price of the SUV has also increased tremendously. People who own older generation Fortuner SUVs are hesitating to upgrade to the current version because of the steep pricing. Toyota also has introduced much sportier and premium-looking Legender and GR Sport in India as well. We have seen videos of people modifying their old-generation Fortuner with Lexus kit and some of them have even attempted to modify it to look like Legender. Here we have a video where a Toyota Fortuner Legender owner modified the SUV to look like GR Sport variant.

The video has been uploaded by Dhruv Wazir on his YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the Legender talks about the changes or modifications he did to the SUV to make it look like a GR Sport variant. He mentions that he opted for genuine Toyota panels for this modification. The major change on this SUV is the bumper. The stock Legender bumper from this Fortuner was replaced with a GR Sport unit. All the chrome elements on the SUV were blacked out for an aggressive look.

The garnish around the fog lamp area on the GR Sport is different from Legender and it is finished in gloss black. There is also a GR Sport badge on the bumper which itself costs around Rs 4,000. The headlamps are the same as Legender and the Toyota logo on the SUV has been completely blacked out. The SUV looks like a GR Sport variant after the modifications. Other than the front end, no other modifications have been done to the Fortuner. It gets the same dual-tone 18 inch alloy wheels. The door handles have been finished in black and the Legender already comes with a blacked-out roof from the factory.

India’s first Toyota Fortuner Legender modified to look like GR Sport is here [Video]

The vlogger then does a general walkaround of the Legender where he shows the space, comfort and features of the Legender. The interior on the GR Sport variant is all black. The owner did not customise this and left it in Red and Black combination only. The front seats are electrically adjustable and they come with a ventilation feature too. The owner however has changed the roof liner on this SUV and other than that, the grab handles in the cabin have been blacked out too. No other customisation have been done to the interior of this SUV. The car seen here is a 4×4 diese automatic Legender SUV. Toyota initially launched Legender in 2WD format with diesel engine and automatic transmission. The 4×4 version was only introduced in the market few months later. The GR Sport variant is the top-end variant of Fortuner and it is also available with automatic transmission and 4×4. They both use the same 2.8 litre turbo diesel engine that generated 205 Ps and 500 Nm of peak torque.

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