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Honda Civic modified to look like Lamborghini looks great [Video]

There are many videos online where local workshops from different parts of the country have built replica cars. There are some who make replica SUVs like Hummer, and G-Wagen while there are others who make sports cars. We have seen several examples of Ferrari and Lamborghini replicas in India. Most of them don’t looks exactly like a Lamborghini or Ferrari as they are made with limited resources. Here we have a video where a workshop in Bhopal has made a neat-looking replica of a Lamborghini Aventador roadster supercar.

The video has been shared by MIHIR GALAT on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks to Yash who runs YS Customs in Bhopal. He is an engineer by profession and used to work for Bharat Benz. He was into making buggies and 4×4 vehicles since his college days. Lamborghini as we all know is an extremely expensive car and not many can afford it. After seeing several videos of badly made replicas, Yash decided to make one himself.

For this, he first chose a donor car which is Honda Civic. He mentions that the dimensions of the Civic match well with Lamborghini and that is why he chose this. One can also opt for Honda Accord which is more powerful and bigger than Civic. He designed all the panels in his workshop and customised them to make them fit on to the car. Many panels were 3D printed for precision. In most of the other cases, we have seen people taking reference pictures and bending metal sheets and pipes to get the desired look.

Honda Civic modified into a Lamborghini Aventador replica looks good [Video]

The panels on the car are made from 9 layers of carbon fibre which makes it extremely strong. Yash is so confident that he can be heard saying in the video that if the car gets involved in an accident, only the paint would chip off and nothing would happen to the panel itself. The headlights are custom made units and this has been customised at his workshop only. The engine is still in the front but, that is the case with most replicas. The doors are also custom made units and they are scissor doors.

At the rear the tail lamps, Lamborghini logo, rear air vents are all placed exactly like an original Lamborghini. It even gets a diffuser on the rear bumper. The original wheels have been replaced with aftermarket unit and a massive spoiler is also seen at the rear.The interior of the car does not look anything like a Lamborghini as it uses custom-made parts. There is a custom made center consile with push button to start/stop, adjust steering, power windows and also ambient lights. The exhaust has also been modified to get a sporty note. The vlogger did have some difficulty in driving the car as he could not fit in properly. Otherwise, it was pretty good and without any doubt one of the neatest looking Lamborghini replica in India. Yash mentions that he can make replica of any supercar or sports car in under Rs 15 lakh budget and he spent around Rs 16 lakh on this Lamborghini.

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