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Dainese Motorcycle Touring Collection 2023

The new Dainese Touring 2023 collection brings the highest levels of innovation and functionality to every garment to protect riders who make travel a total experience and to be lived out in harmony with the route, the road and nature with no compromise.

The new articles in the Dainese Touring 2023 collection are designed to adapt to the motorcycle rider and allow complete control of every feature when riding — from ventilation to pockets and fit — with just one hand. Comfort and function, without ever distracting from the route. Through brand-new innovative Dainese technologies like Absøluteshell, Uno Touch and Magic Connection, new standards are set for garment control and freedom of movement throughout all motorcycle exploration, whatever the climate or weather.

The Dainese Motorcycling Touring collection 2023 introduces five new jackets, four pairs of pants and a boot for different riding needs and types of route.

Hekla ABSØLUTESHELL PRO 20K Jacket and Pants 


The Hekla ABSØLUTESHELL PRO 20K is an adventure touring jacket made with 20,000-millimeter waterproof and breathable laminated membrane. The thermal and windproof layer in Polartec Power Air, which can be removed and worn separately, and the ample air vents on the sleeves, chest and back mean that Hakla ABSØLUTESHELL PRO 20K is great for use all yearround. Extremely comfortable and functional due to the presence of large and completely waterproof pockets, all functions can be accessed and used with one hand. Hekla guarantees maximum protection and safety through anti-cut and anti-abrasion areas and Pro Armor Level 2 protectors on shoulders and elbows. It is designed to accommodate type G back protectors and chest protectors. The jacket, paired with the pants in the same line, has an innovative integrated Magic Connection System featuring a pair of magnets — one inside the jacket and one inside specific gloves — allowing the rider to take his or her gloves off then secure them to the jacket pocket when not riding.

MSRP: $959.95 jacket, $499.95 pants



The SPRINGBOK 3L ABSØLUTESHELL jacket consists of three layers: outer jacket, removable AbsøluteShellT waterproof lining and padded thermal layer, which lend it extreme functionality and versatility. The large ventilation panels that can be opened with one hand allow the garment to adapt to every variation in the weather. The jacket is paired with the waterproof SPRINGBOK 3L ABSØLUTESHELL pants, also with three layers.

MSRP: $869.95 jacket, $499.95 pants

LADAKH 3L D-Dry Jacket and Pants


The LADAKH 3L D-Dry is a waterproof adventure touring jacket with a modular three-layer construction designed for long road and off-road travel. The removable waterproof lining and separate thermal layer protect against colder temperatures and atmospheric agents. In the summer configuration, the large ventilation openings on the arms and torso allow for maximum ventilation. Also available in a women’s version, there are matching pants for both men and women too.

MSRP: ​$519.95 jacket, $519.95 pants

SPLUGEN 3L D-Dry Jacket 


The SPLUGEN 3L D-Dry is the Dainese motorcycle jacket designed for long rides on all terrains. Due to its three layers, Splugen 3L D-Dry guarantees safety and comfort in all seasons. The removable waterproof lining in D-Dry and the thermal layer protect against the coldest temperatures, while the adjustable ventilation openings make it suited to even the hottest days. The removable waterproof lining in D-Dry fabric and the thermal layer protect against the coldest temperatures, while the ventilation, which can easily be opened with one hand using the Uno Touch Air Vent system, makes it suited to even the hottest days. Safety is guaranteed by the Level 2 Pro Armor protectors, type B on elbows and shoulders, for maximum protection, ventilation and coverage area. Dainese Magic Connection technology features a magnetic system that allows compatible Dainese gloves to be secured conveniently to the jacket, so they’re always to hand and don’t get lost when refueling or during short stops.

All jackets in the collection feature a pocket for the back protector and soft Pro-Armor Level 2 protectors on shoulders and elbows.

MSRP: $629.95 jacket, $629.95 pants



The SEEKER Gore-Tex adventure touring boots are distinguished by their strength and rigidity. The premium leather construction with waterproof Gore-Tex Performance membrane allows higher levels of resistance and protection from atmospheric agents to be achieved for a safe and comfortable fit in all weather conditions. The shin guard with Pro-Armor technology inherited from Dainese experience guarantees safety and freedom of movement. Fastening is safe and precise due to the steel cables and the magnesium double lever, while the lightness of the boot is maintained.

MSRP: $439.95

The new Dainese Motorcycle Touring collection 2023 is designed to ensure maximum safety and freedom for tourers and adventure tourers exploring the world as they ride, taking on all climates and weather conditions on any type of terrain.

It is available now on, at selected sales outlets and in Dainese stores all over the world.

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