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CCM unveils its new retro-styled Cruiser motorcycle

CCM has revealed its new Cruiser, with a classic aesthetic typical of the brand combined with a two-up configuration and side bags. 

The CCM cruiser will become available in 2023, and seemingly powered by a 600cc single-cylinder which has become somewhat iconic of the brand. 

Therefore, we might expect somewhere between 50 and 60 horsepower, and torque in the range of 60Nm, while the casings are shrouded in carbon. 

As for the chassis, Motociclismo reports that the suspension is supplied by Marzocchi, with an upside-down front fork and a single rear shock absorber also found on the CCM Tracker. 

The frame itself is a steel trellis, with the bottom of the frame positioned between the dual exhausts which exit low and finish just below the side bags. The bike’s dual purpose tyres confirm it is designed to be comfortable off-road as well as on it; while the wire-spoke wheels keep that classic look befitting of both CCM and the cruiser style.

The brakes are supplied by J.Juan, who also provide the stopping power for the aforementioned Tracker. 

Ergonomically, the bike supports a fairly upright riding position from its 760mm seat height. That position is also supported by a high, wide handlebar.

Lighting is conducted via an LED headlamp, which should ensure strong visibility when riding in low-light conditions.

Availability is not yet confirmed by CCM, although the Cruiser should be expected in 2023, and media reports have the price estimated at around £12,000.

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