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Why The Awesome 2023 Honda CB500X Is The Best Basic ADV Motorcycle

Motorcycling apart from being a breezy mode of transport is an art. And not many have the luck to get the perfect start in this magical world. But the 2023 Honda CB500X has managed to come close to being perfect on this. This beginner-friendly ADV is a perfectly balanced motorcycle.

It has a formula that will make both newbies and experienced riders happy. Honda has always been an advocate of reliability and efficiency. The CB500X is one of the most fuel-efficient middle-weight motorcycles out there with up to 70 MPG.

Then there’s the highly-tractable twin-cylinder that isn’t all pumped up but will surely put a smile on your face. While the 2023 CB500X is on-road-oriented, there is ample confidence in this entry-level ADV to stir up some dirt.

Honda gave the CB500X loads of impressive updates for 2022. And so, 2023 MY has been carried over unchanged. The hardware is flexible to be used on varying terrains. Honda also offers loads of touring accessories to elevate the CB500X’s do-it-all character. Simplicity is the key here, and Honda has nailed it with its sleek and sharp beginner ADV.

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2023 Honda CB500X Is A Beginner-Friendly ADV

2023 Honda CB500X touring on the freeway front third quarter suset view

Being a beginner-friendly motorcycle is not always about linear acceleration or easy maneuverability with a lower curb weight. There are a lot of gray areas that need to be fulfilled to be a proper all-rounder beginner motorcycle. And the 2023 Honda CB500X manages to come close to an all-rounded beginner bike in the increasingly popular ADV segment.

And a major factor contributing to this is the CB500X’s slim design and well-balanced chassis construction. The CB500X is now 10 years old, and the Honda we know loves to hoon its old technology. The Japanese bikemakers have always strived to improve existing tech rather than showering us with new bleeding-edge features.

The 2023 CB500X weighs in at 439 pounds with its 4.7-gallon full tank gas. The weight distribution is linear with a slight forward bias which allows the rider to be in control at all times.

The On-Road-Focused CB500X Doesn’t Shy From Off-Roading

2023 Honda CB500X off-roading view

Motorcycle makers always try to bring on-road-inclined ADVs for beginners. This is to break the ice calmly for a newbie when it comes to off-roading. Honda also deploys the same method for its CB500X. It is made to gulp down miles like a breeze.

And to make long rides comfortable, the CB500X gets a flexible suspension setup with inverted Showa front forks and a rear mono-shock. The shocking part of the front suspension setup is that it is non-adjustable. Generally, this is a bad thing.

2023 Honda CB500X ADV motorcycle on a mountain side view

But Honda has tuned the springs in such a way that it takes in a wide range of terrain with poise. Add that to the bitier Nissin twin discs up front and a single disc at the rear; this Honda ADV is surprisingly capable of a bit of off-roading.

The final ingredient that helps the CB500X excel both on and off the road is its rubber. This Honda gets Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour tires wrapped around 19-inch front and 17-inch rear alloy wheels. But don’t expect to scale rocks and mountains with the CB500X. The pure off-roading junkies best do that.

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The CB500X Beginner-ADV Packs A Humble Yet Punchy Engine

2023 Honda CB500X engine close-up view

Honda engines have always been known for their impressive reliability and refinement. The CB500X carries on the Honda legacy with its humble 471cc parallel twin engine. This fuel-injected engine churns out 47 hp and 31.7 lb-ft of torque.

These are not eye-popping performance figures. But then again, the CB500X is intended to be a beginner-friendly machine. And for that, these numbers are perfect. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a slick six-speed gearbox.

2023 Honda CB500X accelerating rear third quarter view

The power band is neutral with most of the torque available at the low end. This helps the CB500X be punchy both on and off the roads without making the rider nervous. Another impressive aspect of this butter-smooth engine is its efficiency.

The linear power surge helps Honda churn out an average of 60 MPG and even tip the 70 MPG mark sometimes. This is very impressive, and the CB500X can do 300 miles with ease on a full tank of gas.

Honda CB500X Can be A Cozy Urban Rider Or An All-Out Tourer

2023 Honda CB500X cockpit view

A tractable engine, balanced chassis, impressive MPG figures, and a versatile hardware setup makes the Honda CB500X a jack as well as a master of its trades. The slim body construction and lower curb weight make it easy to maneuver in tight urban jungles.

The tall riding stance and dual-purpose tires make the CB500X feel at home on loose soil and the vast unknown as well. This versatility is also where the flexible ergonomics of the Honda CB500X come into play.

2023 Honda CB500X near a lake front third quarter hd motorcycle view

The low seat height, cozy saddle constructions, and upright riding posture make this Honda ADV a touring bike for everyone. Honda has also added a slip-and-assist clutch to make riding the CB500X an easy affair. Apart from being a nimble urban machine and a capable off-roader, the CB500X can much down miles as well.

And Honda offers a plethora of touring accessories to prepare you for a cross-country ride. It gets an adjustable windscreen and a fixed GPS mount to serve touring needs. Honda’s list of touring accessories for storage includes pannier sets, top boxes, and tank bags. Comfort features include a center stand, hand guards, heated grips, a crash bar, and even a 12V socket.

2023 Honda CB500X: Price And Availability

2023 Honda CB500X front fascia close-up view

The 2023 Honda CB500X is priced from an MSRP of $7,299 and comes in a single fully-fledged trim option. All the touring accessories are extras except for the GPS mount and adjustable windscreen. It is offered in one shade – Peal Organic Green and will be at your nearest Honda dealerships from February 2023.

Source: Honda Powersports

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