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Top 10 Best Sports Bike Modifiers In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Sports Bike Modifiers Companies in India 2023

When you first purchase a sports bike, it will be equipped with mirrors, a big, ugly fender, and reflectors. This post will demonstrate a few quick upgrades you can apply to your sports bike to improve its appearance drastically. If you make these easy adjustments, I promise your motorcycle will attract attention. You can make more expensive alterations, and we’ll get to those, but first, I’ll start with the fundamentals.

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Do’s Regarding Two-Wheeler Modifications:

The proper balance

Strive to strike the perfect balance between improvements to appearance and performance. Remember that aesthetic upgrades shouldn’t compromise the bike’s performance over time. Modifying and keeping such a bike could be pricey if you are somebody who values appearance over performance.

Improved security measures

Give some thought to your bike’s safety and how to make it seem reasonable. Additionally, you have the choice to lower the cost of your two-wheeler insurance costs while you’re at it. If you install approved security gadgets on your bike, you may be eligible for a reduction on your two-Own wheeler’s Damage premium.

Let the authorities know

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Depending on the alterations you apply to your bike, you may need to notify the appropriate authorities. For instance, altering the bike’s engine and entire color scheme could result in compliance concerns with your State Road Transport Office (RTO).

Additionally, whatever the adjustments’ nature, make sure to inform your two-wheeler insurance carrier as soon as possible. Failure to do so could delay the processing of your two-wheeler insurance claim.

Those mirrors must be removed.

When I get a sports bike, I remove the front mirrors as soon as possible. On a sports bike, you should never look in the mirror. You can’t risk anything since mirrors have blind spots. Don’t use your mirror to check what’s behind you while riding. Before you turn, turn around and take a look. There will undoubtedly be a few instances where you whirl around and find yourself looking at a police vehicle directly behind you.

It’s uncomfortable, I’ll grant you, but you’ll thank yourself afterward for not relying on your lights to show you what’s behind you.

yamaha r15 modified into a suzuki hayabusa superbike lookalike

Isn’t it unlawful to have no mirrors, you might wonder? Yes, riding a bike without mirrors is against the law. Your first bike change is applied here. A “CRG Reality or Monocular vision Bar End Mirror” is needed. It is a little mirror that fastens to the brake/throttle side bar end or the bar tip of the clutch side. You can buy mirrors in a variety of sizes, like the 2-inch or 3-inch reflectors. Because it is compact and unobtrusive, I always use the 2-inch mirror.

This mirror is straightforward to attach. A clamp that wraps around the end of the bar has two pins on each side. You merely need to remove one plug and release the other. From there, simply slip the clamps over the end of the bar, re-insert the pin, and tighten it.

You’ll see that there are visible screw holes where the mirror formerly was after removing your mirrors. If you leave the nail holes exposed, it won’t look perfect. Therefore you need to buy “Billet mirror covers” to cover them up. Although vortex mirror hats are widely recognized, you should choose the ones most effective for you.

Leave Those Reflectors Alone

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You’ll note that brand-new sports bikes come with reflectors in a variety of colors. Most of these are red and yellow. However, depending on the colour of your bike, they might be any other color. When people see lights on your sports bike, they immediately think of an identical pedal cycle. Stop allowing this to happen to you. So that folks see everything your bicycle has to provide take them off. Seriously, you should take the reflectors off since they look awful. Even now, I’ve provided to remove another rider’s glasses on his behalf. When you observe a rider in need, assist them.

Kit for Fender Elimination

Any rider on a sports bike must own a fender eliminator kit. The original fender is cumbersome and completely covers the back of your bike. You should choose a piece of equipment that suits your bike from the different types available. Some kits may altogether remove the fender, while others will include a mounting mechanism of their own. You must be careful how apparent your numberplate is because some kits will have it pretty far under your bike; otherwise, you risk receiving a ticket. Your license plate must be legible to a police officer located 20 meters away (debatable, depending on the state).

Bikes that have been updated often have a better design or function. Many bikers decide to switch to a new motorcycle for a variety of reasons. Some would make an effort to relax them. Others want to modify their bikes because they need to stand out when riding through a crowd. Bike modifications, however, have several adverse repercussions, including protection, guarantee, and insurance policy issues for both the motorcycle and the rider.

The two-wheeler inclination also has a more generalized perception that many people prefer racing bikes, especially those who can’t afford them. They put in a little more in customizing their motorcycles, so here is the list.

1. Rajputana Customs (Jaipur)

rajputana customs - return of the cafe racers

Vijay, the head of Rajputana Customs and a native of the “Land of Kings”—Rajasthan—always hoped to achieve fame by pursuing his goal of making bespoke motorcycles and opening a shop in Jaipur. Their mission is “We are satisfied making 12 or so motorcycles a year. We will undoubtedly give these 12 bikes all we’ve got. That much is obvious. Rajputana Customs is one of the most well-known and well-known brands in bike customization. They alter cafe racers, gleaming Royal Enfields, and other bikes based on client requirements. Mr. Vijay is the holder of Rajputana Customs, and he produces 12 cycles each year.

You may spend between Rs. 2,00,00 to Rs. 7,00,00 on the equipment, which could take two to three months. Civil Lines, Rajputana Customs Motorcycles, Jaipur, Rajasthan. Phone – 0141-2224883

2. Old Delhi Motorcycles (Delhi)

the fusion projects – old delhi motorcycles - art by aarohi

If the sound of a thud-thud gives you eargasms, you’d be amazed by the idea behind Bobbee Singh’s bike customization business. He has customized every bike, from Royal Enfields to Triumphs to Nortons, with variants on the words “Wow” to “Oh Wow!” We included Bobbee Singh’s Old Delhi Motorcycles in our list of the Top Bike Modifiers in India because they have been operating since 2011.

You give it a name, and he will customize it to fit your personality. He is an authority on brands, including Nortons, Royal Enfield, and Victories. Instead of changing the engine parameters, they mainly focused on sound and posture. The fees range between 4 lakhs and six lakhs.

Delhi’s Old Delhi Motorcycles.

3. Knight Auto Customizer (Chennai)

knight auto customer, sholinganallur - car painting services in chennai - justdial

Subash, specializing in wrap work, conceptualized this design firm in Chennai. Since it was founded in January 2014, the business has made major progress and gained a solid reputation in the Chennai markets by modifying the Indian two-wheeler KTM.

Knight Auto customers customize both bikes and automobiles. They have created the amazing KTM pair and have done an amazing job customizing other vehicles, like the TNT 600i and Yz R15. Subash founded and owned the business, which he did in January 2014.

Address: Village High Road 198, Sholinganallur, Chennai, 600119

4. Indian Choppers (Delhi)

rouge with dummy v-twin – from indian chopper – custom cafè racer | bobber | scrambler | modified royal enfield | india

The company, founded in 2001, has more than 2000 customers in Asia. They specialize in creating graphic design kits for motorcycles, Harleys, and choppers. Since its foundation in 2001, The Indian Chopper has served more than 2000 customers in Asia. They are experts in creating chopper bodies, accounts kits, Trike bikes, and Harley, which is why they are regarded to be the Top Bike Modifiers in India.

5. Auto Logue Design (Pune)

auto-logue-design-pune – carmycar

A group of fervent bike enthusiasts who have one purpose—to bring Indian automotive design up to par with international standards—created the company. Dilip Chhabria School of Auto Design postgraduate Mukul Nanda is the business’s head.

Address: Plot 197, Kirti Nagar 3, Dattawadi (Nere Gaon), P.O. Punawale, Pune, 411057, Maharashtra (Off Hinjewadi – Marunje – Kasarsai link road), next to Xrbia Complex (INDIA)

6. Vardenchi (Mumbai)

vardenchi rebel black | vardenchi - youtube

The Mumbai-based company ensures that each motorcycle looks amazing and is of the highest quality possible while catering to the needs of each rider individually. They are in the most popular bike modifications, with the slogan “Own a Vardenchi now and then become a part of a Legacy.” It would cost between INR 4,00,000 and INR 5,00,000 to design your ride to your dream motorcycle with customers like Akshay Kumar, Jackie Shroff, & Sameera Reddy. They are renowned for personalized bullets, customized choppers, and modified Royal Enfield.

7. EIMOR Customs (Hyderabad)

royal enfield bijli 500 by eimor customs (hyderabad)

Based in Hyderabad, East India Motorcycle Movement is a business that modifies bikes. They are experts in giving your concept form. The founders, who proudly departed prominent IT companies, claim that they did so to “make something for the public to see and admire.”

The top bike mods in Hyderabad can change your helmet in addition to bikes. It’s a Revolutionary East India motorcycle in Hyderabad, and these guys are incredibly skillful. They can turn your bike into a work of art, making you feel special in every way.

Plot 76, Surveys of India Colony, 100 feet road near YSR Statue, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Hyderabad 500081, Hyderabad, 500081

8. Bulleteer Customs (Bengaluru)

bulleteer customs bengaluru – iamabiker – everything motorcycle!

One is more for the fans of Royal Enfield. The continued support of bike enthusiasts has fueled the ambition of this Bengaluru-based custom studio to produce something new and original constantly. They bring the most amazing styles and amazing kinds of sports bike modifications in order to attract many young boys. sports bike has become a trend for nowadays now and many people are investing huge amounts of money in purchasing the sports bike and modifying them according to their desires. Bulleteer Customs is the one platform in Bengaluru that has been giving the best satisfaction to their customers and has placed themselves in the top list of sports bike modifiers. 

9. TJ Moto (Delhi)

india's burgeoning bike culture: an interview with tj moto's tushar jaitly

As his name suggests, Tarun Jaitely is an Italian graduate of a school for automotive design. He has a big following in Noida and Delhi and specializes in doing Harley. You can see his most vicious machine, “Chail,” which bears the name of a mountainous resort in Himachal Pradesh.

TJ Moto was founded in 2012 by Tarun Jaitley, an Italian university of automotive technology graduate. He specializes in Harleys, and even with only three bikes to his credit, he’s already starting a new trend in bike alteration that places him in India’s Best Bike Modifiers. The cost of the alteration ranged from Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 9 lakh.

With only three bikes to his credit since starting in 2012, the TJ moto is the new baby on the block, but there is no doubt that he has big ambitions for the future. TJ Moto, known for creating vintage choppers, is developing a new style of bike customization. TJ Moto has plans for other bikes in addition to its three Harley Davidson motorbike designs. A modification typically costs between INR 7,00,000 and INR 9,00,000.

10. Customs from Road Rage (Mumbai)

road-rage-customs-mumbai – carmycar

The business specializes in customizing motorcycles to resemble the traditional American Chopper and works with the top fabricators and artisans from around Mumbai. They specialize in their very own clothing brand and collection of car accessories. Motorcycle customization is the area of expertise for Road Rage Customs, which collaborates with Mumbai’s amazing suppliers and craftspeople. They are the top bike modders in Mumbai, India. They produce their brands of apparel and accessories.

Two-wheeled vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters, serve to be the modes of transportation and fashion statements. People often customize their two-wheelers for this purpose. Many elegantly adapted bikes could be seen. These modifications need a lot of thought and effort. Before starting the activity, if you wish to alter your motorcycle, you must be aware of a few key points.

Remember that sports bike modification must be approved in two-wheeler insurance and registered with your RTO.

Make sure the alterations you make are legal.

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Any vehicle changes must adhere to predetermined guidelines. According to a 2019 Supreme Court decision, automobiles cannot be changed in a way that materially deviates from the original manufacturer’s specifications. These specs contain all those that the manufacturer added to the vehicle’s registration certificate. One such illustration is the inability of a two-wheeler to be modified to transport more than two persons. Similar to how a motor’s size, engine, and brake system cannot be changed.

Professionals should carry out approved adjustments.

You can still make many alterations, even if there is far less room for any substantial changes to two-wheelers. For instance, paint works are still allowed as long as they are completed in the RTO guidelines. Similarly, attaching modest accessories like decals, headgear, and engine fairings is still acceptable. Make sure to hire professionals to complete these tasks. Have you ever tried to paint your bicycle? You will not be able to achieve the perfect finish until you practice it every day for several months. Better to leave it to the experts.

No concessions on safety and preference for functionality

Make careful to prioritize function above form when creating even the tiniest modifications to your two-wheeler, and never jeopardize its safety. Never put more emphasis on appearing attractive than on where you’re going. The first transformation many riders make to their motorbikes or scooters is removing the mirrors. By doing so, you can be issued a challan for about Rs 1,000. Make very sure that every change you make to your car enhances utility before aesthetics.

Your insurance provider must be informed of your changes.

top 8 fast and easy motorcycle mods - axleaddict

You must be aware that you must declare all changes before purchasing two-wheeler insurance online. Your two-wheeler claims may be rejected if you fail to mention specific alterations. Most businesses that provide two-wheeler insurance online typically give customers a chance to declare changes. In a similar vein, you must disclose and get the add-ons for any pricey accessories you could have installed on your device.

Overall, even though the range of alterations may have been majorly constrained, it is still feasible to make some friendly alterations to your car. Just be sure to notify your two-wheeler insurance provider of your alterations. Keep track of your spending and always consider safety while making changes.

5 Essential Points About Bicycle Modifications:

1. Obey the Law: If you want to alter your new bike on Indian roads, you must do so in accordance with the law. Any structural alteration requires the relevant authorities’ express permission for better understanding. This means that your engine modifications should be noted on your bike’s registration certificate (RC). Therefore, to have the adjustments made to your RC, you must go to the appropriate Regional Transport Office.

Making simple aesthetic alterations, like stickers on your bike, is not expected of you. However, if you alter the entire color scheme of your bike, the RC must reflect this change. There are regulations governing the use of indicator lights, horn decibels (pressure horns), etc.

10 cheap motorcycle mods that will turn heads

2. Prioritize Usability Over Aesthetics: Although functional modifications produce effects over the long term, aesthetic changes may look amazing in a short time. You may wish to swap out your medium-sized tires for larger ones. But the crucial query here is: Will they impair the bike’s performance? If so, are you all right about accepting that blow to improve the appearance of your motorcycle?

Many riders decide to alter the bike’s fiber elements. You should be aware that doing so may impact the bike’s performance. This is because the manufacturers take a variety of factors into the account while constructing the motorcycle, like the aerodynamics. The important nature of the bike can change when its parts are changed, which may hinder its performance over time.

3. Theft-Prevention Tools: The best action is to install an anti-theft device if you’re thinking about making changes. It can lower your insurance costs while preventing theft. You will save money on your bike insurance if your bike has an approved anti-theft device. Make careful to only install equipment that has received certification from the Indian Automotive Research Association (ARAI).

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4. Reliable Experts: Changing your bike could get pricey. It needs expert treatment. Do not give your two-wheeler to every mechanic in an endeavor to save a few dollars or out of excitement over getting your bike modified. Trust only experts know about your bike’s brand, the kind of changes it can withstand, its superior capability, etc.

Your bike is ultimately a machine, and every device has its limits. You need a checked bike moderator who can assess the capability of your bike, think about the improvements you need, and then go to work on a strategy. Before proceeding, talk through the modification strategy based on your budget.

5. Let the insurer know: You should let your insurance provider know about the changes. Do not wait until the renewal time or during it to notify the insurance company. Do it right now. If you have fitted anti-theft devices, it is a benefit to inform the insurance provider, because this could result in cheaper insurance premiums.

You are mistaken if you think you can reduce your insurance percentage by not telling the insurer about efficiency and cosmetic changes. In fact, not telling people can work against you. If an insurance company is unaware of the alterations, they may deny a claim. As a result, it is wise to tell your insurance provider about bike modifications.

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