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Best Motorcycle Batteries (Review & Buying Guide)

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The first thing to figure out before you order a new battery is why your old battery died. Inadequate maintenance, deep discharge, a malfunctioning charging system, the passage of time, wiring shorts, bad grounds, and nine times out of ten – loose or corroded battery terminals can kill a battery before its time. Start with

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Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

The Rev’It Eclipse mesh motorcycle jacket has been on my radar for some time now. I scoured websites and stores for the right colour and size and zeroed in on one, making a note to pick it up right after returning from the press test of the 2023 Triumph Street Triple 765 in February 2023. 


The Rev’It Eclipse isn’t frightfully expensive. It’s built well, looks good, fits and well, and has good protection.


The price, listed at anything ranging from Rs. 13,500 to Rs. 14,800 on several websites in India, seemed good enough, and I’ve been impressed by the different

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2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Review [27 Fast Facts From Sardinia]

Suzuki signals a dirt intent with the truly all-new 2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE. The gauntlet is thrown down with a 21-inch front wheel and the longest-travel suspension yet in the V-Strom line. There’s much more to the new V-Strom, so Ultimate Motorcycling headed to the south coast of the idyllic Mediterranean island of Sardinia to test the 800DE on the incredible Italian twisties and the plentiful unpaved backroads that crisscross mountainous terrain.2023 Suzuki V-Strom 800DE Review: Price

  1. Suzuki’s buzzword for the 2023 V-Strom 800DE is “gravel.” The big question asked of every adventure motorcycle is, “How dirtworthy is it?” Spec sheets
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Review Indian Pursuit – Long distance tourism

After the launch of the Challenger, it was predictable that Indian would use the mechanical base for something (even) more adapted to long trips. The answer came with the name Pursuit, but despite its “big” dimensions, the American brand wanted to show that the model doesn’t get in the way of the winding roads of the Alps, so we met in Chamonix!

Gone are the days when American brands thought almost solely of the domestic market, and when the biggest models were kings. Nowadays the ranges are much more diversified, and although the tourers are still big and heavy bikes,

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“Going the Wrong Way” Motorcycle Book Review [Rider’s Library]

In the 1970s, Northern Ireland’s Belfast was a cauldron of sectarian strife and violence. Disillusioned 21-one-year-old Chris Donaldson, the eventual author of “Going the Wrong Way”, decided to see if the world—specifically that part of it called Australia—had something better to offer.His ticket out was a Moto Guzzi Le Mans motorcycle; his passport was his Irish grit, sense of humor, and conviction that there had to be something better–a place of peace and amazing sights to see."Going The Wrong Way" Motorcycle Book ReviewHis plan was to take the round-about scenic route to the land down under. Just how round-about his itinerary would become was far

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TecMate Optimate 2 DUO Multi-Bike Battery Maintainer Review

Take a peek in your typical adventure rider garage and you’re likely to see a second motorcycle for a different style of riding, maybe a couple dirt bikes for the kids or perhaps a family ATV. Keeping up with maintenance on all of those vehicles can be a chore though. What’s worse is realizing you have a flat battery the morning of your big ride. 

One way to reduce your maintenance task list and ensure your wheels are rolling at the specified meet up time, is to keep those batteries fully charged and healthy with a battery maintainer. The Optimate

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