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Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

Rev’It Eclipse Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

The Rev’It Eclipse mesh motorcycle jacket has been on my radar for some time now. I scoured websites and stores for the right colour and size and zeroed in on one, making a note to pick it up right after returning from the press test of the 2023 Triumph Street Triple 765 in February 2023. 


The Rev’It Eclipse isn’t frightfully expensive. It’s built well, looks good, fits and well, and has good protection.


The price, listed at anything ranging from Rs. 13,500 to Rs. 14,800 on several websites in India, seemed good enough, and I’ve been impressed by the different riding gear that I already use from the Dutch brand. 


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The Rev’It Eclipse offers a very good option for hot weather use.

Choosing the right jacket


I have a range of motorcycle riding jackets, from mesh, textile, waterproof riding jackets, adventure touring and jackets designed for winter touring. Over the past 5-6 years, I’ve realised that my go-to jacket for over 80 per cent of the time I spend on two-wheels has been my Dainese mesh motorcycle jacket.  With the Dainese getting a little old, it’s time to go for a new mesh motorcycle riding jacket for warm and hot weather, which will see almost year-round use.


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The Rev’It Eclipse has very good fit and finish, with neat stitching. 600D polyester is abrasion-resistant and the mesh offers good air flow.


Construction & Protection


The Rev’It Eclipse is built mainly from 600D polyester and mesh. The abrasion-resistant polyester fabric has been used in areas which are likely to take the most impact in case of a crash. The shoulders and elbows come stock with Knox Flexiform CE Level 1 protection. 


Mesh jacket provides very good air flow with decent protection for summer riding.


There’s no stock back protector which comes with the jacket, but there’s an inner pocket ready for one, and the first thing I did before using the jacket is insert one of my CE Level 1 back protectors into the back protector pocket. At the back is a laminated reflective logo for added visibility.


Knox Flexiform CE Level 1 protection on elbows and shoulders are comfortable and soft, while offering very good protection in case of a crash or fall.



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Fit & Finish


The design of the Eclipse is simple but offers very good fit. There were three colour options available at the store – black, brown and olive, and I chose the olive colour. The design is more casual, and isn’t flashy or too colourful, or sporty, something which will go along with different kinds of riding conditions and on different types of bikes, I feel. The waistline is adjustable with a velcro strap mechanism, and there are adjustments around the bicep area as well with a snap button. 


There are velcro adjusters on the waist as well as snap button tighteners in the bicep area. 


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The Rev’It Eclipse is a great summer riding jacket, with a good air flow, very good fit and finish, as well as good protection.



The Eclipse is a great summer riding jacket, and if you can get one from a closeout sale from Europe, you will likely get a very good deal on it, at nearly 50 per cent of the price quoted in India. I picked up mine from a motorcycle store in Jerez, Spain and got it for less than Rs. 7,500, nearly half the price quoted in India. Considering the hotter summer months are just around the corner, the Rev’It Eclipse will see a lot of action in the coming months. 


The Rev’It Eclipse could be the jacket to wear all year round in India, except for the harsh winter months in northern India.


The Rev’It Eclipse works well in hot weather, and you can wear it even in the spring or autumn, with an added warm layer thrown in underneath. For an entry-level mesh motorcycle jacket, the Rev’It Eclipse offers very good bang for your buck. It’s light, has superb air flow and for everyday riding, I think it’s near perfect!


(Photography: Apoorv Choudhary)

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