Will Electric Motorcycles Ever Own the Road? [Commentary]

It seems that there are more and more entrants into the electric motorcycle market every day. An interesting example we covered here recently is the brainchild of Wisconsin’s own Erik Buell in the form of the Fuell Fllow. As is the case with many in the e-cycle field, the bike is targeted to the urban riding and commuting environment.

In 2015, Polaris (the snowmobile/UTV and Indian motorcycle builder) bought up Brammo electric motorcycles. It re-branded the Brammo product as Victory with its flagship model labeled the Empulse TT, as told in Victory Motorcycles—the Complete Story of an American Original by

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10 Motorcycles That Define Grand American Touring


Motorcycling in America presents challenges unlike anywhere else in the world: vast open landscapes and equally vast distances require a motorcycle with supreme comfort, long-legged performance, luggage capacity and excellent wind protection.

Handling is not always a prerequisite given that these motorcycles are not expected to be flung through twisty canyon roads, although modern suspension technology is giving even the most porky touring bike handling characteristics, that a decade or so ago, would have been unthinkable. To tour America in authentic fashion, you need a Grand American Touring bike and here we present ten of the best.

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New Motorcycles for 2023 | Adventure & Sports Tourers


New motorcycles for 2023 adventure sports tourers_01


There has never been a better time to take the plunge and invest in a brand-new Adventure or Sports Tourer motorcycle, with myriad new models coming your way in 2023.

Spanning a range of budgets, performance, off-road ability, and size, whether you’re venturing deep into the wilderness, traversing long distances or simply skipping over the odd kerb on the way to and from the supermarket, there is something for you.

Check out which tempting new and upcoming Adventure & Sports Tourer Motorcycles are being launched in 2023…


New motorcycles for 2023 adventure sports tourers_02


Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally

  • Price: from £23590
  • Engine: 1158cc V-Four
  • Power: 170bhp
  • Torque:
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Honda unveils 2023 dual-sport motorcycles


Honda is expanding its range of small-displacement motorcycles for 2023, introducing two new dual-sport motorcycles. The XR150L is an all-new model for customers seeking an accessible, versatile and value-focused dual-sport motorcycle. It’s ready for anything from urban transportation to weekend adventures on mixed terrain.

Honda has also introduced a new, low-seat version of the CRF300L—the CRF300LS—making the dual-sport platform an option for even more riders. Returning dual-sport models include the traditional-seat-height CRF300L and the rally-inspired CRF300L Rally (both available in standard and ABS versions).

The Navi will return in its second year on the U.S. market, after garnering a huge

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Long range electric motorcycles are now charging up at Tesla Superchargers


When Tesla announced that it would begin opening up its Supercharger stations in the US for non-Tesla EVs, we expected to see a wide range of electric cars flood the fast charging stations. And that has certainly happened in the last few days since the Superchargers were opened up to the masses. But it’s not just electric cars that are taking advantage of the new fast charger access. Now electric motorcycles are getting the good juice, too.

Several of Tesla’s Superchargers have been updated with a new Magic Dock, which is a CCS connector designed to allow charging by non-Tesla

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10 Used Motorcycles That Could Bankrupt You Through Maintenance And Repairs


The open road, freedom of two wheels, and unmatched performance plus the thrill of leaning into every corner – every biker will tell you that riding is the closest thing to flying. In some cases, maintenance costs can match the costs of owning a small plane as well. Thankfully, for the most part, maintaining a motorcycle is fairly easy and affordable.

That story changes though if you want to ride something more exotic, something that will make you stand out from the crowd, something along the lines of the Ducati Panigale. Or if you want to get a big and

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