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See How This Modified Dodge Demon Tears Up The Drag Strip

The YouTube channel, Demonology, captured one of the world’s fastest Dodge muscle cars and it even pops a wheelie or two.

Featuring the incredible Hemi V8 engine and a massive supercharger, the Dodge Demon is one serious machine. Add in the base car Dodge Challenger and its legacy as a sports car, and it cements its impact even further.

It’s also one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world with around 840 horsepower and a go-to option for factory drag radials. For speed in a straight line, it doesn’t get much better than this super-powered dodge. Still for some, that kind of power is not enough.

The YouTube channel Demonology captured one of the world’s fastest Dodge Demons on the drag strip attempting a superfast pass. This car amps up the Dodge’s power with nitrous. Plus, they added bigger drag tires, racing seats, and a roll cage for better racing performance. Read on to see how this insane Demon runs down the drag strip.

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Drag Racing and Wheelies For The Dodge Demon

The video starts off with other drag cars taking some runs. A heavily modified Chevrolet Camaro takes a pass for a 10.7-second quarter-mile. Then, a Ford Mustang featuring a parachute on the back makes a launch and promptly breaks down soon after. Finishing off the representation of the big American three is the prep for the Dodge Demon.

The Demon is sitting on a jack in preparation for its run down the strip. With the Nitrous bottles loaded, it should give the Demon a nice bump in hp. A stripped-out interior shaves some weight from the stock Demon, making the car perform a bit better.

With running cars this fast, there is a nearly endless list of checks and preparations to do. If anything with the tires, engine, suspension, or cooling is not quite right, the car will not perform to its potential.

Before it’s the Demon’s time to race, a Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 takes a pass and almost flips when it does a huge wheelie. It starts with a more conservative launch and gets across the finish line, but the onlookers do not discuss the time.

The Dodge Demon’s Finish Time

Red Dodge Demon on the jack
YouTube channel, Demonology

Now the Demon gets ready to take a stab at putting down a superfast quarter mile time. When it idles, it’s easy to hear the chop of the car’s super-aggressive camshaft. It then launches and does a huge burnout and wheelie.

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It almost goes into the other lane as the driver tries to correct it. Unfortunately with this loss of control, the Demon only achieves a 10-second pass. While this may be slow for a modified drag car like this, it would be fast for nearly any other car.

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