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Nissan To Show Max-Out EV Sports Car Concept In The Metal On February 1

Nissan may have built the Max-Out concept that it showed last year, the dramatic electric roadster study that has so far only inhabited the digital realm. The company says it will show the concept in physical form on February 1 at 8 PM EST (February 2 1AM GMT) and we’re really excited to see it.

The manufacturer doesn’t specifically say that it built the Max-Out concept, only “what “happens when virtual becomes physical.” It also released a teaser image which clearly shows the Max-Out (pictured below) with its door swung open and a driver that is either getting into the driver’s seat or is disembarking.

Powering the Max-Out will be Nissan’s Advanced e-4ORCE dual-motor setup originally showcased in 2019 in a very quick modified, all-wheel drive Leaf. In that application, Nissan said it made 304 horsepower combined and a mighty 501 pound-feet (680 Nm) of torque.

It also had a very cool interior passenger’s seat that could fold away for extra cargo capacity, and Nissan envisioned it as a vehicle with a race car-like ultra lightweight construction.

But does this concept becoming real signal that an electric sports car is on the way? Well, there have been rumors that Nissan wants to eventually launch an electric Nismo GT-R equivalent model, but the company never openly admitted it.

There is one older report which quotes Nissan Nismo CEO Takao Katagiri when he hints that the manufacturer may be considering it, but that’s about it. One other important detail would be that Nissan may be waiting for automotive solid-state batteries to become viable before even beginning development of an electric GT-R.

Nissan also said that it had built a prototype electric sports car, but it also said that something similar wouldn’t hit production any earlier than 2028. It may also only be sold as a Nismo model, although this, like so many other details about the production electric sports car, has not been confirmed yet.

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