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Bimota Tera platform announced along with BX450 enduro …

AS is the way at EICMA, the show always throws up a few surprises, especially from some of the more niche manufacturers. It was long ago that Bimota stole the show with the unveiling of its Tesi H2 hub-less superbike, and this year the Italian brand did not disappoint.

Two all-new offerings were unveiled at the show this year, with the new Tera concept and BX450 both getting the covers pulled off at the show.

Bimota Tera supercharged adventure touring motorcycle

First up we have the more original machine from the Rimini-based outfit, simply called the Tera. For now, this is more of a chassis concept than a full-blown new bike reveal, although it shows that Bimota is sticking to what it does best, a beautifully designed chassis and frame, and innovative hub-steered front end.

It’s thought the finished bike will be an adventure touring machine, mated to Kawasaki’s bonkers supercharged inline-four as already found in the Tesi H2. If that turns out to be true, the Tera is shaping up to be the most powerful adventure touring motorcycle the world has seen.

Bimota isn’t just relying on Kawasaki power to boost the appeal of the machine though, as the bike is also said to be fitted with a host of innovative features, namely semi-active electronically controlled suspension and adaptive ride height.

AS you can see from the images, the project is not yet ready to be unveiled completely, for a full reveal of the bike, we’d expect to see more at next year’s EICMA show.

Bimota BX450 enduro motorcycle announced

There was one new bike on offer at the show, in the form of the BX450 enduro bike. It’s heavily based on Kawasaki’s KX450 off-road machine, although Bimota has tweaked the recipe slightly and added on-road ability thanks to full lighting for road use.

Beneath the skin though, the new bike provides multi-level traction control, and adjustable throttle maps, and for added range, you have a slightly larger fuel tank. The new design allows riders to carry an extra five litres of fuel, boasting the bike’s real-world green lane potential.

No pricing for the BX450 has been announced at the time of writing, although the bike is said to be available for pre-order through the Bimota UK website.

Bimota TESI H2 Walkaround

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