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6 Tips for Successful Camping on a Motorcycle This Summer

Camping on a motorcycle is one of the great pleasures of owning a bike. It’s summer, and a lot of us with motorcycles want to know what we should pack for a big (or small) camping trip because there’s nothing worse than being caught out in the wilderness and not having the right stuff. After several years of big trips on two wheels, here are a few tips I’ve picked up that could help on your next touring trip.

Your first time motocamping?

It's easy to find a good camp site on the road.
Motorcycle camping in Ft. Sumner, N.M. | Dan Mayfield, MotorBiscuit

For your first trip, you will undoubtedly take more than you will ever need. But once you’ve been on the road for a while, you’ll find you’re packing less and less. When I started going camping on a bike, I remember loading down my old Sportster with so much stuff the suspension bottomed out. Make a list, and pack what you would for a comparable backpacking trip, then add cold weather and wet weather riding gear.

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