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4 Cars Faster Than a Dodge Challenger R/T

There’s a litany of reasons to want a Dodge Challenger R/T. However, the big Mopar car isn’t that quick compared to some of its comparably priced competitors. Check out four vehicles faster than the 5.7L Hemi V8-powered Dodge Challenger R/T, like the Chevrolet Camaro LT1 and the Subaru WRX STI. 

  • Chevrolet Camaro LT1
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Nissan Z Sport
  • Subaru WRX STI 

Is the Chevrolet Camaro LT1 faster than a Dodge Challenger R/T? 

The Chevrolet Camaro LT1 is much faster than the Dodge Challenger R/T. While the R/T packs a 5.7L Hemi V8, the Chevy Camaro LT1 uses a 6.2L mill. The result of that displacement is a healthy 455 horsepower, enough to propel the Camaro to 60 mph in around 4.0 seconds. That’s much quicker than the R/T’s 5.0-second sprint, according to iSeeCars. 

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