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The new BMW R 1250 RS offers cool new features at the same old price

Some changes are in store for the BMW R 1250 RS for the 2023 model year. While not revolutionary, the changes are sure to be enjoyed by most riders and result in a more tech-forward bike. Plus, the best part is that the 2023 R 1250 RS costs the same as the 2022 model.

The major upgrade for the new year is the introduction of Dynamic Traction Control as standard. Previously, buyers had to spring for the Premium Package that cost an extra $3,175 to get the feature. So, seeing it as standard on the sport touring bike is a huge benefit for 2023.

2023 BMW R 1250 RS with a white, red, and blue paint job from the side profile with a white background.

BMW is providing riders with improved braking performance with the addition of BMW Integral ABS Pro as standard for the updated R 1250 RS. The system makes the bike more stable under hard braking, while Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) is also a new feature that stops any unwanted throttle inputs during panic braking.

Riders looking to maximize range and fuel economy from the 1,254 cc four-stroke boxer engine will be happy to hear that the R 1250 RS now has a new ECO riding mode. It joins Rain and Road modes, and brings an updated throttle map and a slight reduction in torque. Thanks to an efficiency reading on the upper left of the display, riders can keep track of their real-time consumption during a ride.

For a little more control over the available ride modes, like being able to have individual configurable riding modes, riders should look into the Riding Modes Pro feature that’s offered with the Premium Package. Not only does the package allow drivers to have a custom configuration for ride modes, it also brings Engine Drag Torque Control that limits brake slip at the rear wheel during coasting or downshifting.

2023 BMW R 1250 RS from the rider's seat with a close up view of the handlebars and windscreen.

Despite these upgrades, which result in a safer, more user-friendly R 1250 RS, pricing surprisingly remains the same. The 2023 model carries an MSRP of $15,695 – the same as 2022 – as long as you stick with the Standard Light White paint job. Look for the 2023 BMW R 1250 RS to arrive at dealerships in spring 2023.

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