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The 5 Worst Ford Mustangs To Buy Used (Plus The 5 Best)

If you ask someone who doesn’t have anything to do with cars about a muscle car they have heard of, they’d most probably name the Ford Mustang. The Mustang has been in the world longer than a lot of us have been alive, and its ability to stand the test of time all these years is a testament to how amazing and popular it is.

Going on the internet and hitting Mustang GT for sale is probably a good choice too, since its popularity makes sure that there are plenty of spare parts available and finding mechanics that can work on it won’t be a big deal. And finally, we can fulfill our dream of owning a proper muscle car.

But, in the real world, we can’t just look for a used Mustang GT for sale nearby and buy the one we like. Most people may know that the 2013 Mustang has earned the reputation for being one of the best models to buy used, while the 2006 Mustang is infamous for its unreliability, but what about the rest of the bunch?

There have been so many Mustangs that we got some pretty awful models as well as some amazing ones. So, we went through them to look for the ones you should avoid, as well as the ones you should consider.

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10 Worst: 2016 Ford Mustang GT – $15,350 (Engine Failures And Shoddy Rearview Camera)

The 5 Worst Ford Mustangs To Buy Used (Plus The 5 Best)
Bring a Trailer

The 2016 Mustang seemed like a fantastic package when it first arrived, but the glow faded not long after Ford started recalling these muscle cars back for issues. People took a while to get used to the 2015 redesign, but we were ready to soak in the 2016 Mustang in all its glory.

It also had relatively fewer recalls compared to the previous model, but the severity was much more serious this time. We’re talking about engine failures and defective components in the child seats. The rearview camera also showed some distortion in some models. Since all these problems are safety-related, we’d skip this one, especially since we have other, better options for the same car.

9 Best: 2012 Ford Mustang GT – $21,400

2012 Ford Mustang GT

2012 is one of the best years to go for a Mustang if you’re planning to use it as a daily driver. This one benefits from the larger V6 engine, which was more powerful than some V8s in previous Mustangs. Furthermore, this model has a nice big trunk for a sports car as well.

Another cool fact about the 2012 Mustang is its relatively good handling. Ford also introduced special editions of the 2012 Mustang, like the Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca, an amazing muscle car to consider if you can find and afford one.

8 Worst: 2018 Ford Mustang GT – $19,850 (It Leaks Fuel!)

2018 Ford Mustang V8 GT with Performance Package in Orange Fury

The 2018 Mustang got significant upgrades on both visual and mechanical fronts. The front and rear bumpers got a revised styling, which doesn’t look bad, to be honest. And Ford introduced the EcoBoost engine instead of the V6, which can be awesome or terrible depending on who you ask.

But the 2018 model also had three recalls, out of which, leaking fuel was the worst offender as it posed a fire risk. Other problems included it rolling even when left in ‘Park’. Not only the Mustang, but Ford’s other 2018 models also suffered from this issue, so it’s best to keep away from these.

7 Best: 2019 Ford Mustang GT – $25,000

2019 Ford Mustang GT
Bring a Trailer

Between the troublesome 2018 model and the unreliable 2020 model, the 2019 Ford Mustang stands out and gives Mustang fans a sigh of relief through its solid build quality and praiseworthy reliability. JD Power seems to agree with us as it crowned the 2019 Mustang the Dependability Award Winner.

The 2019 Mustang also boasts an impressive lineup of available engines because even the sensible EcoBoost engine provides plenty of power to make it a good sports car bargain. Speaking of a bargain, you can have it for a relatively low cost of around $25,000, give or take.

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6 Worst: 2020 Ford Mustang GT – $25,000 (Faults In The Powertrain)

2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost
Ford Media

After a good year in 2019, the 2020 Mustang didn’t take long to bring down its reputation and let down the fans yet again. As good as the new-gen style looks and appeals to people, it’s got a few faults.

You can own one for around $20,000 to $30,000, but that’s not where the spending would stop. Faults in the hydraulic brakes, engine, transmission, and electrical systems forced Ford to issue a few recalls so far, and just like the 2018 Mustang, it tends to roll when left in ‘Park’.

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5 Best: 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 – $35,000

Yellow 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca on the road
Mecum Auctions

You can have the original Boss 302, but it’s going to cost you in the vicinity of $100,000. The history and class it brings may make it worth the price, but the 2013 Boss 302, however, is much cheaper. Average prices hang around the $35,000 mark, and it brings a lot to the table as well.

It comes with a 444 hp 5.0-liter V8 that offers a smooth power delivery, allowing users to use it as a daily driver. The Boss 302 is a reliable muscle car, and it’s a special edition, so it’ll be more exclusive than most other cars you’ll see around you.

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4 Worst: 1995 Ford Mustang – $8,300 (Recalls Galore)

1995 ford mustang cobra svo

The 1995 Ford Mustang may be among the cheapest to buy, but it will eventually be a costly machine to own and maintain. The fourth-gen Mustangs have a love it or hate it look, but even the people who loved it will agree that it’s best to stay away from the 1995 Mustang.

NHTSA has recorded over 700 complaints for the 1995 Ford Mustang so far, and Ford has recalled it 16 times. Problems with the airbags, engine, and electrical have rendered an otherwise good muscle car undesirable and unwanted in today’s used market.

3 Best: 2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra – $23,500

2003 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra
Mecum Auctions

The SVT Cobra is one of the best Mustangs you can ever buy, period. They are special edition Mustangs so finding one can be tricky depending on where you live, but this is not an opportunity a Mustang enthusiast or even a muscle car enthusiast should ignore, especially given its current asking price.

All years of the Cobra are great, but we find the 2003 SVT Cobra to be the best of them all. It’s got great throttle response, it handles really well, and the 4.6-liter V8, that kicks out 390 hp and 390lb-ft of torque, makes sure it’s no slouch even today. Imagine getting a reliable and sorted muscle car that can do 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds for such an affordable price.

2 Worst: 2006 Ford Mustang GT – $12,600 (Airbags Are Supposed To Save You, Not Injure You More)

2006 Ford Mustang In White Front Quarter View
Via Ford

The 2005 and 2006 Mustangs are rather infamous for being some of the least reliable cars Ford has ever produced. One of the more prominent changes Ford brought to these models was the exterior lights. But sadly, those turned out to be faulty and Ford had to issue a recall.

The suspension also had problems, but the worst offender was the airbag deployment mechanism. It possessed the risk of rupturing while deploying the airbag, causing metal fragments to fly toward the passenger it was supposed to save. Although they are available for a cheap price, we’d steer clear of early fifth-gen Mustangs.

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1 Best: 2013 Ford Mustang GT – $22,000

A white 2013 Ford Mustang GT parked

Perhaps Ford anticipated how well the returning Dodge Challenger would do and prepared for a tough competition, or it got lucky, or it just nailed the formula. Either way, Ford knocked it out of the park with this one and gave us one of the best and most reliable muscle cars of modern times: the 2013 Ford Mustang GT.

Like most years, Ford stirred things up a bit for the 2013 edition, and this time, it worked for the best. This Mustang had the same engine, but it was peppier and made 420 hp. The addition of the Boss 302 made sure the Mustang looked awesome, and it’s also very affordable these days.

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