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How good is GTA Online’s Obey 10F Widebody?

November 10 marks the official release date of the Obey 10F Widebody in GTA Online. It’s not to be confused with its regular variant, the Obey 10F. This is a wider variation of the same car in GTA Online.

Both were released as part of the Criminal Enterprises DLC. While the 10F is among the first available vehicles, the 10F Widebody is among the last to be drip fed.

GTA Online players should know what they’re getting with this fancy sports car. This article will go over the differences between the 10F Widebody and the original 10F, including their overall performance stats. All findings are based on calculations from YouTuber Broughy1322.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s personal views.

Should GTA Online players get the Obey 10F Widebody? Here’s a closer look at the car

Where to buy and how much it costs


First off, GTA Online players will need the original 10F. They can get one from Legendary Motorsport for the costly price of $1,675,000. One will also need to pay extra for upgrades, such as racing brakes or the EMS Level 4 engine. Understandably, this is a huge investment for the player.

Thankfully, they will have to pay less for the conversion at Benny’s Original Motor Works. It will cost them $575,000 to convert the 10F into the 10F Widebody. The latter is considerably wider than the former.

At the very least, Benny’s Original Motor Works offers exclusive customization features in GTA Online. This will likely be a factor in buying the vehicle in the first place. The sports car does take inspiration from the Audi R8 (4S), heavily modified with the Liberty Walk body kit.

Overall performance and top speed


In terms of performance stats, the 10F Widebody is only slightly better than the original 10F. A fully upgraded 10F Widebody is capable of reaching 128 miles per hour. By comparison, the 10F can only get to 126 miles per hour. It’s among the fastest sports cars, although not quite the fastest.

GTA Online players can expect a grip wheel drive with a little bit of wheel spin. At the very least, the 10F Widebody can accelerate very quickly. Drivers will reach top speed in a matter of moments, just as long as they are going in a straight line. This sports car handles relatively well in corners.

The only real performance issue with the vehicle is the slight understeer. GTA Online players might also balk at the very high purchase costs. They will be spending a minimum of $2,250,000, and that’s without major upgrades. This is something they will have to consider beforehand.

Final verdict


The 10F Widebody isn’t too different from the 10F, beyond some exclusive custom features and faster lap times. Of course, if the player wants to emulate a Liberty Walk bodykit in this game, the 10F Widebody is a good choice. Sports car enthusiasts will find it extremely stylish.

With that said, players should only go through with the purchase if they have the funds to match the 10F Widebody. They will likely be spending anywhere between $2,250,000 and $2,500,000, if not more for this vehicle.

Nonetheless, if a player has already bought the 10F back in the summer, they can’t go wrong with a conversion.

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