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French Gear Manufacturer Furygan Presents The TD Vintage Gloves

Apart from safety and protection, fashion and style have always been at the center of motorcycle gear. This is especially true these days, with all the neo-retro and classic-style machines on the market. Even with street-focused naked bikes, thinning the line between casual, everyday clothing, and purpose-built motorcycle gear – strictly from a styling standpoint, that is, has become the name of the game. 

Several brands have established themselves specifically for this reason. One of them is Furygan, which, apart from offering sporty option such as race suits and jackets, also has an impressive range of sober, retro-inspired riding gear. The newest addition to its collection is a pair of gloves called the TD Vintage. 

French Gear Manufacturer Furygan Presents The TD Vintage Gloves

The TD Vintage gloves from the French company have arrived just in time for the start of the new riding season. These mitts are made mostly of buffalo leather, which is noted for its durability while remaining soft and supple. With big buffalo leather panels spanning the top of the hand and selected reinforcement on the palm using the same material, the design is subtle yet effective.

The integration of a D3O protective shell underlines that the TD Vintage gloves prioritize both style and safety. This is purposefully positioned above the metacarpals to provide optimum impact and injury protection. This feature means that the TD Vintage gloves have been approved as level 1 KP PPE in accordance with the EN13594 standard. So you can ride with confidence knowing you’re wearing gloves that not only look good but also protect you.

Furygan’s TD Vintage gloves are not only fashionable and protective, but they’re also comfortable. Perforations on and beneath the fingers increase air circulation and keep your hands cool, while gussets at the base of the index and middle fingers provide additional comfort. The short cuff includes a Velcro closure for a snug fit, and the index finger features a touch screen-compatible inlay for convenient smartphone use without removing the gloves. There’s also a nifty tab at the base of the glove to let you easily slip them on and take them off.

The TD Vintage gloves are a good value for motorcyclists looking for high-quality gloves without blowing the budget. They come in both black and brown, which allows you to choose the color that best suits your personality. For 69.90 Euros (about $75 USD), these gloves provide good value for their degree of protection, comfort, and style. The TD Vintage gloves allow you to ride with confidence while maintaining a retro aesthetic, all while keeping your hands safe and comfortable.

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