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BMW Unveils Limited Edition R nineT And R 18 100 Years Editions For 2023

There’s a big motorcycle manufacturer anniversary coming up in 2023—and it’s probably not the one you think. Did you know that BMW Motorrad will celebrate 100 years of making motorcycles? If you didn’t before, you do now. Naturally, the brand has all kinds of plans in store to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. 

Two of those plans are special, limited-edition versions of its modern-day heritage machines, the R nineT and R 18. Only 1,923 units of each of these bikes will be made. No mechanical changes have been made to either bike, but you’ll find a number of special visual elements and accessories on both models. 

If you’re at all familiar with BMW Motorrad’s earliest machines, then you’re already familiar with the primarily black-and-white color schemes that many early bikes utilized. Touches of chrome were also frequently found, since chrome was both elegant and functional. Sure, it’s shiny, but it’s also incredibly durable and can prevent corrosion—which is a common enemy of many a motorbike, especially back in the day. 

The BMW R nineT 100 Years gets special badging, a black-and-chrome tank with white double-lining as an accent, as well as knee pads to add to that classic look. There’s also a special two-toned saddle in black and oxblood, as well as a whole bunch of Option 719 components installed as stock items. This includes the 719 Classic wheels option with black anodized rim rings, milled cylinder head and engine housing covers, as well as milled seat holders, oil filler plug, adjustable hand levers, rider and pillion footrests, bar-end mirrors, and expansion tank covers. Other features of the R nineT 100 Years Edition include an adaptive turning light, heated grips, cruise control, and Driving Modes Pro.  

Opt for the BMW R 18 100 Years Edition, and you get that black-and-chrome interplay on a completely different surface, also with white accents. A diamond-embossed Option 719 two-toned saddle in black and oxblood invites you to go for a ride. Here, though, there’s chrome, chrome, and more chrome to be enjoyed. From handlebar fittings to intake manifold trims, there’s a lot of shine to appreciate here. The R 18 100 Years also gets a special Akrapovic rear silencer setup with a chrome finish, and which also has perforated tailpipe trims made to resemble the BMW propeller logo. Adaptive turning light, reverse aid, cruise control, and heated grips also come standard. 

Pricing and availability will vary by region, so your best bet if you’re interested is to contact your local BMW Motorrad dealer. The U.S. MSRP for the R 18 100 Years Edition starts at $18,990, and starts at $19,995 for the R NineT 100 Years Edition.

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