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Weird Rules Supercar Brands Make Owners Follow

Supercars are easy to identify; they are simply high-performance luxury sports cars built for road use. As such, the supercar’s production principles haven’t changed significantly since the inception of the Lamborghini Miura, which is widely believed to be the first-ever supercar, in 1966. Often fitted with the most luxurious of features, supercars are mostly hand-built and are produced in limited numbers. Also, the cars command some of the highest retail prices ever for new automobiles, and they typically take months or even years to build.

Often the flagship of most automotive brands, supercars are the dream of many car enthusiasts, both young and old. However, only a few enthusiasts ever get to own them for several reasons that border majorly on their outrageous prices and their limited production number. Yet, the very few enthusiasts who are lucky enough to own these highly coveted cars often have to endure some of the strangest of rules, as laid down by the supercar manufacturers. Here are some:

Must Submit Themselves For Checks


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There are several things involved in the sale of supercars. While the processes are sometimes quite daunting for the customers, the supercar brands claim they do these painstaking processes to protect the brand’s image. Asides have to cough out a considerable chunk of the car’s value to show commitment, most times a prospective buyer is also made to go through a thorough background check.


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The companies want to know everything about the customer, and that could be quite strange for a lot of people who would rather not be bothered.

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Shouldn’t Own Rival Models


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Although rivalry often leads to intense competition, however, it has its pros, as it tends to bring out the best in the parties involved. Like we have in sports, there’s also rivalry in the automotive production circle and the rivalry in the supercar sphere between Lamborghini and Ferrari has been well publicized over years, and it persists today.


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Hence, when buying a Lamborghini, the company would rather sell to individuals who are loyal to the brand and do not have a Ferrari in their fleet. And vice versa!

Odd Murals Are Discouraged


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Car owners often use murals on their cars for specific and personal reasons, and it’s the same for supercar owners. However, some manufacturers aren’t too keen on the idea. Hence, they advise their customers to refrain from such, and failure to adhere might lead to a total ban from acquiring newer models in the future.


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Notably, for wrapping his 458 Italia in a vinyl tribute to Nyan Cat, Joel Zimmerman received a cease and desist letter from Ferrari. Although Zimmerman obliged, that might have affected his chances of acquiring a new Ferrari.

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Can’t Resell Within The First Year


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People have practically made a business out of all things in life. Hence, like real estate which appreciates with time, supercars, when properly maintained, also experiences an appreciable increase in value over time, and that makes for good business. While the business side of supercars doesn’t seem bad, some companies, like Ferrari don’t completely encourage it, at least within the first year.


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Ferrari and some other companies do ensure customers sign an agreement with clauses that prevent the new owner from selling the car within the first year.

Can’t Resell Without Informing The Brand


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Several supercar brands are so particular about the sale of their cars. Hence, not only do they do a thorough background check on those they sell directly to, but they also want to be involved in the resale process, to ensure the supercar gets into the “right hands.” Ferrari is a major culprit of this act.


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At Ferrari dealerships, prospective buyers are made to sign a contract to inform Ferrari when they want to resell the car. The company does this to remain the first in line, should they want to buy back the car.

Must Say Only Good Things About The Brand


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As a supercar owner, you simply aren’t allowed to publicly criticize your supercar’s manufacturer. Might sound narcissistic, but it’s like a silent rule. Narcissism aside, bad reviews are quite damaging to the marketing campaign of any product and as such, for supercar’s rarity, their manufacturers would rather sell to loyalists who would paint the product in good light, or discreetly lay their complaints.


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Notably, Ferrari owner and Top Gear host Chris Harris didn’t do either. Instead, he wrote a ‘damaging’ piece about his Ferrari on Jalopnik in 2011 and got banned.

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Don’t Do Pink

Pink Lambo

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Just as they are quite finicky about murals, supercar brands are also particular about the choice of paint colors the cars are finished in. Since the company’s preferred colors can only be enforced during the pre-production spec’ing period, hence, brands often advise customers about the colors they wouldn’t want on their supercars, to protect the brand image. Across brands, a color that’s often frowned at is Pink.

Pink Ferrari

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Notably, Lamborghini strongly advises its customers against Pink paint, while Ferrari CEO once said the company would never produce a Pink car.

Can’t Touch The Mechanicals


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You’d think it takes buying a supercar to own a supercar, but it’s not completely so. Unlike conventional mass-produced cars, supercars are produced in limited quantities, given great attention, and are mostly hand-built. They are often the flagship model among a brand’s lineup of sports cars, built with the best available technology, and they have extreme high-performance capabilities.


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For these, supercar brands frown at any modification of the car’s mechanicals. Hence, whatever fault a supercar develops, irrespective of how minor, owners aren’t at liberty to fix it, without seeking the brands’ help.

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For those wanting to buy a supercar, it’s best to be patient for now.

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