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Watch This 1,450-HP MK4 Toyota Supra Tear Up An Airport Runway

The legendary Japanese icon shows that with the right mods, the 2JZ engine has the potential to challenge supercars with its 187-mph top-speed run.

Ever since it played a starring role in The Fast and the Furious, the Mk4 Toyota Supra has stood among the most hyped and recognizable Japanese sports cars. The car has the incredibly robust 2JZ turbocharged six-cylinder engine which can hold up to massive amounts of power.

The YouTube channel, Gumbal, recently showed off a 1,450 horsepower modified Mk4 Supra launching and doing a top-speed run. The acceleration as well as noises coming from this car make it sound beastly. Read on to see how fast this Toyota Mk4 Supra truly is.

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What Makes This MK4 Supra So Special?

Due to the MK4 Supra’s reputation in the enthusiast and car-collecting community, it tends to carry a hefty premium. A well-optioned, low-mile Supra even went for $232,000 last year. That’s new Lamborghini money right there.

Despite the hefty second-hand price, this owner has held onto their car and modified it to make an obscene 1,450 horsepower. That’s way more than the stock turbo Supra’s 320 horsepower and even the new GR Supra’s 382 horsepower. The car also now has drag tires in the back to help with that kind of power. Now, this Supra is ready to hit the airstrip to see what kind of top speed the Japanese legend can achieve.

This Mk4 Supra Pulls All The Way To 187 MPH

Modded MkIV Toyota Supra drag tires from the side
YouTube channel Gumbal

A hood open shot of the Supra shows its enormous turbo that helps it make so much power. One can assume that the Supra has many upgraded internal parts to withstand the extra stress from the large turbo.

As the car lines up and revs, its exhaust throws out smoke from its hood. Finally, the car gets ready to launch and does so with little drama accelerating all the way up to 187 MPH. Another run shows the Supra getting up to about 160 MPH in about 17 seconds. Judging by the first go, the Supra was not pulling quite as hard here.

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A botched start on the next run shows that the Supra might be having trouble. After reversing, it gets off to a poor launch, reaching about only 150 MPH and much slower than before. The team for the car takes a look and tops off the fuel tank. The car then gets in another full-power launch to end it. Unfortunately, the video cuts off and doesn’t show a top speed, but the aggressive launch looks to redeem the Supra from its previous slower runs.

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