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The Gemballa brand is a German-based company that is recognized […]

The Gemballa brand is a German-based company that is recognized for tuning. In 1981, the brand was founded by Uwe Gemballa, and as a consequence, the brand was eponymously named after him. In its initial years, the Gemballa brand basically focused on creating aftermarket parts for Porsche.

However, German authorities proceeded to discredit the activities of Gemballa and eventually seized the brand due to the fact that Uwe Gemballa (founder) went missing for a very long time before he was eventually found dead.

Following the inauspicious start, Steffen Korbach (Investor) and CEO Andreas Schwarz were able to purchase brand rights and subsequently changed name rights as well using a new name – Gemballa GmbH.

Some of their popular cars include the Gemballa Biturbo Speedster, Gemballa GTR 650 Evo, Gemballa-tuned Porsche Cayenne, Avalanche GTR 800 Evo-R, GT 750 Aero 3, MIG-U1, Mistrale, GT, among a plethora of others. However, let’s now take a closer look at their Mirage GT.

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The Gemballa Mirage GT

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The Gemballa Mirage GT was introduced by the Gemballa brand in 2007; it is a mid-engine sports car that the automaker created based on the Porsche Carrera GT. The only thing that distinguishes it clearly from the Carrera is its performance modification due to the quad pipe stainless steel exhaust system that helps to boost its power to 645 hp, even more than the Carrera GT.

The car is an “ultra-rare car” because it took up the Carrera GT and even came out with a superseding masterpiece, first by beefing up the natural aspiration of the Carrera’s 5.7-liter V-10 from 603 to 670 hp in the Mirage GT. It also has a lot of carbon fiber parts for airflow management.

In total, 25 Mirage GT cars were produced in the United States. However, 24 of them now exist due to the carelessness of a drunk driver that collided with a Toyota Sienna minivan and then proceeded to flee the scene even though the car was completely destroyed. Apart from hitting the Sienna; he crashed into other cars as he fled before he was eventually apprehended and was charged for driving recklessly and for driving a car under the influence of drugs.

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Exterior Of The Mirage GT

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The Gemballa Mirage GT has exceptional exterior features; the bodywork is excellently crafted in a way that obviously supersedes the Carrera. It has a glittery body appearance showcasing beautiful black colored paint featuring flakes that are rainbow-colored. In the category of external features, the Gemballa Mirage GT has remarkable wheels that enhance its performance and speed as well.


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The bespoke interior of the Gambella Mirage GT is a beauty to behold. It has wonderful new leather-wrapped parts and is also accompanied by numerous carbon fiber accents, Alcantara, and gold trim. The interior itself is largely infused with carbon.

What About Its V10 Engine?


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Its 5.7-liter V10 engine is accompanied by a new ram-air intake system, sports catalytic converters, stainless-steel exhaust, and power-increasing ECU to achieve a 670 hp coupled with 464 Ib-ft of torque.

However, many people have made attempts to criticize the Mirage GT due to the fact that it adds 60 bhp to the model of its base, but in the actual sense, a car that has a bph of 60; a number that really requires no more power than it already has.

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This Is Our Favorite Feature Of The Gemballa Mirage GT

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There is no denying the fact that the Gemballa Mirage GT is beautiful inside-out. The car has quite a number of features that make it unique from most cars. However, one of the most outstanding features of the car is its “advanced performance”.

In terms of its design and interior features, the car gives a surpassing performance for its value and price. As a matter of fact, if we try to come up with an analysis on the performance of an average car, it produces a whooping 650 hp and slightly above average of 465 Ib-ft of torque.

Final Thoughts

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On a final note, the Gemballa Mirage GT is obviously a remarkable car, both physically and even in its interior features. As a matter of fact, Modified Luxury & Exotics magazine referred to the car as “one of the finest automobiles” they have ever featured.

It is a high-tech vehicle that has technological advancements that would naturally tickle the fancy of every car lover. Although only 25 models were produced, the Mirage GT retains its spot as one of the best cars. It outshined most cars at the time of its inceptions and continues to do so even all these years later.

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