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Egypt’s auto sector continues to suffer from instability and unprecedented price hikes due to supply shortages caused by import complications and hardships experienced by importers because of shortages of the foreign currency they need for import documents such as letters of credit.

The spare parts sector that imports parts essential for repair and maintenance is also in trouble because spare parts are classified as imported goods and not as manufacturing materials that can be imported without advance letters of credit.

Importing spare parts requires foreign currency, which is in short supply. This has resulted in a serious scarcity of spare

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Weekly Roundup 10-September-2021 – Greater Auckland


Tēnā koutou, hope you’ve all had a great week. While the rest of Aotearoa has gone to level 2, here in Auckland we’re still in one of the world’s strictest lockdowns (but secretly still enjoying the low-traffic bike rides). Here’s our roundup for the week.

In case you missed them – GA’s  stories this week

We’re trying something new, and offering you a link to the four stories we’ve published this week:

On Monday, Jolisa wrote about the things we’re experiencing moving around the city in Lockdown, and how important it is for everyone to recognise and remember those feelings.

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Weekly roundup 27-Aug-2021 – Greater Auckland


Header image via twitter user @wildbaynz

Ata mārie everyone. After a week and a half in lockdown you’re probably sick of the internet, but just in case you’re not, here’s our roundup of transport and urbanism reads for the week.

City Rail Link August footage

This drone footage of the Mt Eden station area was taken just before work ceased because of the level 4 lockdown. We’re kind of into the CRL theme music: keep the video going in the background while you read the rest of our roundup for a particularly soothing Friday morning experience.

Getting un-stuck from Business

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