Thursday Jun 08, 2023

The BMW i Vision Dee is a future EV sports sedan that can talk back to you

Everyone always has something to say about BMW. 

The Bavarian automaker has long had a knack for setting the benchmarks with cars like the 3 Series and X5, but when the vehicles change with the times, BMW’s superfans don’t hold their tongues. 

“The old cars were better.”

“That new grille is just too much.”

“I’ll never pay for subscription features in a car.” 

Now, at CES 2023, a new BMW concept asks: what if the car had something to say as well? And if a car could talk, how would it interact with its user?

This is the BMW i

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Rangers positional review: Whew, I guess let’s talk about the starting pitching

The Texas Rangers finished with a record of 68-94, tied with the Colorado Rockies for the seventh-worst record in the sport. After the season, they fired one pitching coach (Doug Mathis) and reassigned the other (Brendan Sagara). If that’s all you knew, you could piece together the broad strokes for this article. But sure, let’s list some numbers to quantify it.

Starting woes














Home Runs












Not included in that table (because I couldn’t

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Next Gen changes how stage points are won – NASCAR Talk

Christopher Bell had just won on the Roval. Confetti still littered Victory Lane. And winning crew chief Adam Stevens was already thinking about stage points and the Round of 8.

“Martinsville, that will be the struggle point, for sure,” Stevens said. “If we can go run solid top five and get stage points, threaten for a win in the first two, I think we can be enough of a factor to squeak through this round.”

“Squeaking” is an especially apt descriptor given that only 12 points separate the third-seed through eighth-seed drivers.

Stage winners

The Next Gen car has produced

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We Talk To Ex-Koenigsegg Head Designer Sasha Selipanov About EVs, Annoying Design Trends And More

Countless individuals over the last hundred years or so have in one way or another tried their hand at automotive design. They’ve sketched something on a napkin maybe and then forgotten it forever.

Of these droves, very few have been designers by trade. Fewer still have had the skill and circumstances that allow them to have a hand in hypercars that one day become real moving and driving pieces of automotive royalty. One of those very very few is Sasha Selipanov.

Though far from done, Selipanov has already made a lasting impact in the history of automotive design. That includes

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There’s Talk of Chevy Replacing the Camaro with an EV Sedan

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Marc UrbanoCar and Driver

  • The Chevrolet Camaro could be replaced by an electric performance sedan in 2025, according to Automotive News.
  • Chevrolet could end production of the muscle car after the current generation due to low sales compared with the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger.
  • GM may have teased this new model as one of the silhouettes shown during its EV week presentation. It could ride on the Ultium battery platform that supports up to 1000 horsepower in the GMC Hummer EV.

    General Motors plans to have 30 new electric vehicles available by 2025 and to go carbon

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