Thursday Jun 08, 2023

Brace yourself after a motorcycle accident- What are the immediate steps to take?

Most of us have heard several stories about how motorcycles are dangerous vehicles that can lead to severe injuries and critical accidents. However,  it is not always true that motorcycles are dangerous machines;  they actually become dangerous due to the lack of protection of the motorist. 

Are you someone who already owns a motorcycle but you are looking for expert tips on how to avoid road accidents? Other drivers usually have a tough time noticing motorcyclists which makes them more vulnerable.  Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind to avoid motorcycle accidents. 

  • Preventive maintenance is a
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‘It’s a brutal world’: Chasing the dream with James Shaw, who steps back up to the WorldTour

“I went to bed that night, when I knew the deal was signed, I just slept so well,” James Shaw tells Cycling Weekly about the day he signed the contract to take him back to the WorldTour after a three-year absence. 

“The best nights’ sleep I’ve had for maybe a year. Got into bed and bam…I just went, knowing that everything is going to be a bit brighter.”

But before the happy ending to this particular chapter in his life, let’s first go back to what in hindsight was a false restart to his cycling career.

February 2020. James

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