NYPD takes 175 illegal motorbikes off the road


Cops swept up 175 dirt bikes and ATVs off Big Apple streets over the weekend, arresting dozens of riders and writing hundreds of summonses, police said.

“ATV’s & dirt bikes are illegal & dangerous to use in NYC,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea tweeted Monday. “Use it & lose it.”

Shea announced in the tweet that 175 ATVs and dirt bikes were seized on July 24 and 25.

Cops also arrested 30 riders and wrote summonses for 374 operators, according to police. 

Since April 20, 651 ATVs and dirt bikes have been taken away from their owners, police said.

They were,

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Electric motorbikes could alleviate Indonesia’s congestion and pollution, but experts cite challenges


According to the McKinsey report, the cost of owning an electric motorbike is soon expected to drop below that of its traditional counterpart.

“A lower total cost of ownership will be the primary driver for a shift toward electric two-wheelers. This could help it become cost-competitive with internal combustion engine two-wheelers by 2022. 

“These lower economics for electric two-wheelers will be attractive to consumers both in big cities and outside big cities,” said Mr Thomas Hansmann, a partner with McKinsey & Company in Indonesia.

Mr Hansmann said that the primary driver in reducing the total cost of ownership is a

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Best supermoto motorbikes: skids and wheelies for all!


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What is a supermoto? Well, there was a time in the late nineties and early noughties where the pinnacle of two wheeled excitement was a supermoto. It’s a simple formula; choose a dirtbike, fit uprated and stiffer suspension, a smaller front wheel and road tyres and what you end up with is a nimble, lightweight, wheelie-popping superbike-slayer.

With short, off-road gearing and torquey single or twin-cylinder engines, supermotos are ideal bikes for winning the traffic light GP around the city centre – plus, you can embarrass superbike riders on a twisty

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