Thursday Jun 08, 2023

7 Key Tips from the Experts

Want the satisfaction of going under the hood and getting your hands dirty? Working on a motorcycle is typically more straightforward than wrenching on a modern car. Removing cladding to get at the inner workings seldom takes more than 20 minutes and then you have the entire machine revealed before you. But it can also be perilous.

Say you watched Alex Honnold in “Free Solo” and decided to head to Yosemite to climb 3,000 feet of rock with no rope. That sounds unwise, right? Well, so is watching some rando on YouTube rebuild his motorcycle’s brakes and deciding that you

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Electric motorbikes could alleviate Indonesia’s congestion and pollution, but experts cite challenges

According to the McKinsey report, the cost of owning an electric motorbike is soon expected to drop below that of its traditional counterpart.

“A lower total cost of ownership will be the primary driver for a shift toward electric two-wheelers. This could help it become cost-competitive with internal combustion engine two-wheelers by 2022. 

“These lower economics for electric two-wheelers will be attractive to consumers both in big cities and outside big cities,” said Mr Thomas Hansmann, a partner with McKinsey & Company in Indonesia.

Mr Hansmann said that the primary driver in reducing the total cost of ownership is a

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