Morgan Plus Four CX-T: Classic British sports car brand unveils limited-edition off-roader


The bush-bashing two-seater costs almost as much as a Lamborghini Huracan.

William Davis

British sports car manufacturer Morgan has unveiled an all-terrain off-roader, known as the Plus Four CX-T.

Designed and built in Worcestershire in conjunction with modification firm Rally Raid UK, the vehicle shares many of its components with the standard road-going Plus Four sports car.

However, it has been retuned for increased ground clearance and improved grip on loose surfaces. A tubular ‘exoskeleton’ also provides added storage at the rear, and helps to maintain structural integrity in a roll-over accident.

A turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine sends

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The 2022 Morgan Plus Four CX-T Officially Takes Morgan Off-Road

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Morgan is going off-road in the most unabashedly Morgan way possible, by modifying one of its models, the Plus Four, just enough to get it trail worthy. Because Morgan doesn’t need an SUV. Morgan scoffs at suspension articulation, and it laughs at all-wheel drive.

The Plus Four CX-T doesn’t have either four- or all-wheel drive. It makes the most of its traction on the trail through a locking e-differential sourced from BMW, per Autocar. Just watch this thing hoon on the English countryside:

Sure, the CX-T might apparently lack the basic things many drivers want when hitting the

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