A Jack Nicholson Classic Is Getting A Remake


By Britta DeVore
| Published

Before he was Jack Torrance in The Shining or The Joker in Tim Burton’s dark take on the story of Batman, Jack Nicholson played an alcoholic lawyer named George Hanson in the 1969 classic, Easy Rider. And, just as many legendary features are receiving these days, Variety has reported that the drug-fueled road trip film is getting the reboot treatment. The original feature is packed with some of the biggest names of the day, not to mention a killer soundtrack including tunes from artists like The Byrds, The Band

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Vintage Views: Classic Car Enthusiasm In South Africa


Classic cars are an investment class of their own with rising value. And there’s always an emotional story attached to them, as these entrepreneurial South African auto-enthusiasts attest.

By Ross Holland

NESTLED ON A busy road in the Bryanston suburb of Sandton – Africa’s richest square mile – in South Africa, is a car showroom with a difference. It’s like an open vault with vintage gems.

Collectible cars are perfectly lined up in a befitting interior that is both retro and rustic, and with brick and metal and soft lighting. On the walls are automobile memorabilia and one can hear

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Car SOS TV show uses 3D printing and scanning to restore classic car


Nominations for the 2021 3D Printing Industry Awards are now open, have your say who is leading the industry now.

Popular British automotive TV show Car SOS, aired on National Geographic, has used 3D scanning and 3D printing to restore the customized central console of a 1970’s Ford Cortina Mark III X.

Unable to find a replacement for the console, a common problem when sourcing parts to restore classic cars, the car SOS team turned to 3D scanning and printing to produce the component within the show’s tight timeline.

Having leveraged 3D scanning for previous projects, the team

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Morgan Plus Four CX-T: Classic British sports car brand unveils limited-edition off-roader


The bush-bashing two-seater costs almost as much as a Lamborghini Huracan.

William Davis

British sports car manufacturer Morgan has unveiled an all-terrain off-roader, known as the Plus Four CX-T.

Designed and built in Worcestershire in conjunction with modification firm Rally Raid UK, the vehicle shares many of its components with the standard road-going Plus Four sports car.

However, it has been retuned for increased ground clearance and improved grip on loose surfaces. A tubular ‘exoskeleton’ also provides added storage at the rear, and helps to maintain structural integrity in a roll-over accident.

A turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine sends

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