Rockford Fosgate 800-Watt Subwoofer Kit for Harley-Davidson First Look


So, you’re tooling down the highway on your 2014 or […]

So, you’re tooling down the highway on your 2014 or newer Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle. Your infotainment system isn’t delivering the punch you expect from the timpani and bass in the 1st and 3rd movements of Alberto Ginastera’s Dances from Estancia” What do you do? Well, Rockford Fosgate has a solution—its new Element Ready 800-watt dual 10-inch subwoofer kit—HD14-SBSUB, for short.

“When you want next-level audio performance on your motorcycle, our new subwoofer kits deliver that hard-hitting bass experience you’ve been waiting for, even at freeway speeds,” according to Rockford CEO and President Bill Jackson.

Amplification comes via an 800-watt M5-800X4 amplifier designed for the rigors of road riding—it gets an IPX6 rating on the internationally recognized IP Code waterproofing scale. That means the enclosure will repel 20 gallons of water per minute for three minutes, with it coming in at 150 psi from a distance of nearly 10 feet. So, while it won’t help you if you turn your CVO Limited into a submarine, it should be fine in any weather you can ride through.

As far as output, the amp tosses out 300 watts RMS, with a 1200-watt peak. The subwoofers react with a frequency response of from a rock-bottom 20 Hz to a mid-rangy 750 Hz.

Although intended as an upgrade for the Rockford Fosgate Stage-2 and Stage-3 audio kits, the Element Ready system will work independently. It is designed to be installed by the user, or a professional.

Rockford Fosgate Harley-Davidson Subwoofer HD14-SBSUB

When unboxing the all-weather Rockford Fosgate Element Ready kit, you’ll find a pair of 10-inch M1D2-10B subwoofers mounted in sealed enclosures rotomolded from high-density plastic, molded harnesses with sealing gaskets, weatherproof connectors, and splash guards. DIY installers will appreciate the included wiring kit, cutting templates, and plenty of mounting hardware.

Rockford Fosgate Harley-Davidson Subwoofer For Sale

For riders who like to make a big sound impact locally, yet don’t want to lose cargo-carrying capacity on long rides will like what they hear from Jackson: “We engineered this system for the high performance that riders expect and for the flexibility they need. So, if you want your bags for a long ride, you can remove one or both subwoofers quickly with no tools.”

Rockford Fosgate Harley-Davidson Subwoofer: MSRP

The Rockford Fosgate H14-SBSUB Element Ready subwoofer kit has an MSRP of $2150.

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