Thursday Jun 08, 2023

10 Cheap Sports Cars That Are Easy To Maintain

Sports car ownership can be a struggle if you’re worried about how much it costs every time you get behind the wheel. Oil changes, fuel economy, and the kind of repair costs you might incur if you smack a bumper. Then you have what is supposed to be a fun, carefree way of getting from A to B turning into a miserable, soul-destroying drain on your finances.

Don’t despair, however: there are plenty of sports cars available on the used car market that won’t cost your life savings every time you get it serviced. From famous American nameplates whose spare

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10 Most Exciting Bikes Coming in 2023

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In 2022, things slowly began returning to normal after the pandemic and bike makers did give us a lot of great bikes like the Royal Enfield Hunter, the all-new Bajaj Pulsar P150 and so many more. But this year promises a lot more action in the two wheeler space, with many Indian bike makers planning to launch world class products in India. So while this list won’t include every single bike coming this year, and our timelines might be guesstimates in some cases, here are the top 10 motorcycles we are

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We Love These 10 Modified Kei Cars

Despite their diminutive size, Kei cars are huge in Japan. Specially designed to offer daily city-orientated transport on a budget, and below a certain tax threshold, the Kei car is the weapon of choice for urban motorists. They are also referred to as microcars, with very few examples have been sold outside of Japan due to global market needs. The very successful Smart Car and its Brabus versions could be classified as a German take on the Kei concept.

With small-displacement engines powering a generally lightweight body, Kei cars tend to be about frugality and functionality. The well-regarded 1988 Suzuki

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Expert Mechanics Reveal What to Keep in Your Toolkit

For many cyclists, having the know-how along with the right bike tools to perform basic maintenance feels incredibly empowering. It allows us to feel more secure out riding, knowing we can handle any problem the ride may throw at us, like repairing a flat or fixing a chain. These bike maintenance skills also involve cleaning bikes, as keeping things dirt-free and lubricated is essential if we want headache-free miles.

Keeping your bike humming along smoothly is easier than you think—and it’s a lot more enjoyable if you have the right bike tools. So, here are the 18 essential items (well,

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2022 Motorcycle Buyers Guide: New Street Models

This 2022 motorcycle buyers guide highlights new or significantly updated street-legal models available in the U.S. It includes cruisers, sportbikes, retro-styled bikes, scooters, touring bikes, and more.

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Organized in alphabetical order by manufacturer, it includes photos, pricing, key update info, and links to first looks and – when available – first rides, road tests, and video reviews of each motorcycle.


2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory review
2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

When Aprilia introduced the Tuono 660 in 2021, the new naked bike owed much of its form to the RS 660

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What’s the Difference Between a Sports Car and a Sports Sedan?

Sports cars are admired in the automotive world for many reasons, the most obvious being their incredible performance capabilities. Some also carry an air of exclusivity: There are only four new muscle cars for the 2022 model year. Sports cars also have unique aerodynamic designs that other vehicles lack. Another class of cars, known as sports sedans, offer fine-tuned driving dynamics and more powerful engines. How do these vehicles differ from traditional sports cars?

Let’s go over the differences and compare some of the most popular examples from both segments.

How do you define a sports car?

2022 Toyota GR Supra sports car
2022 Toyota GR
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