How to modify a Ford Focus RS legally on GCM YouTube channel


It’s got a roaring exhaust, rear spoiler, with 345 brake horsepower – and did we mention it’s a police car?

And while you won’t see this Ford Focus RS catching criminals, it does have an important police message.

It’s been transformed into a completely unique police car with the help of YouTube channel GCM (George’s Car Media), and over the coming months it will feature in videos showing how to safely modify a vehicle legally.

The videos, which will include road safety advice, will be released through the GCM channel that has more than 765,000 followers on YouTube, Instagram and

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Here’s what it’s like to drive the new Porsche 963 prototype

Enlarge / The new Porsche 963 sports prototype made its world debut at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in England.


Last month, Porsche used the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK to formally debut its newest model. It’s not another 911, nor a new SUV; it’s a hybrid sports prototype designed to win on the track here in the US and at Le Mans. You can tell the car has big shoes to fill just by looking at its name—Porsche is calling the new racing car the 963 because it’s the spiritual successor to the legendary 962

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Five luggage hacks for your next motorcycle tour


Any adventure biker knows the value of great luggage. And, while we all have our own preferences, whether we opt for hard or soft versions, it’s a vital part of our touring kit.

Like all aspects of biking, innovation in the luggage world is always evolving to make your life easier, and you might be surprised by some of the upgrades you can make to your panniers and top boxes these days.

So, we took a closer look at a selection of luggage accessories from popular motorcycle gear manufacturer Givi to help you avoid any packing pitfalls on your next

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Auto racing: Proctor’s Lofdahl proves that nothing beats the first time – Duluth News Tribune


DULUTH — As veteran dirt-track racer Donnie Lofdahl made his way around the track in the Modified feature July 17 at Halvor Lines Speedway in Proctor, Jack Rivord pressured him for the lead for much of the race before Darrell Nelson came on late.

Lofdahl’s wife, LeAnn, watched from the pits with their three-year-old son Revin as the tension built.

“I was happy for him,” LeAnn said. “I was trying to be calm and not be overly dramatic. Anything can happen in 20 laps, but with three laps to go I knew he had it in the books, so I

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Friends help Don Neal rediscover lost love in return to Fair’s demo derby


Don Neal couldn’t believe his eyes.

It had been over a decade since he last sat in the driver’s seat of his very own demolition derby car.

But suddenly he had one – a surprise from his friends.

It was just like Neal remembered his cars from the old days: royal blue on both ends, white in the center, and bold red lettering across the side.

“That was my old paint scheme,” Neal said. “It looked just like my last Figure 8 car. Even one of the sponsors is the same.”

Neal was tickled by all the details, right down

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