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Ontario man denied insurance claim after modifying his sports car

Desjardins initially refused payout due to modified exhaust

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A 21-year-old driver was denied an insurance claim after writing off his vehicle, due to it being modified from stock.

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According to Global News, Modasir Ayobi leased a 2020 Subaru BRZ for $500 per month. He takes great pride in his sports car, and even works two jobs to be able to afford it. It was great sadness when he had an accident on March 12th, and insurance declared the vehicle a total loss.

Ayobi was found to be at fault for the accident but was not charged. When it came time for insurance to pay for the value of the vehicle, they didn’t.

“They denied the whole claim, around $35,000,” Ayobi said.

The claim was denied because Ayobi had modified the exhaust system, which is a popular modification to make to a sports car. However, it’s a modification that some insurance companies and lease companies will not allow you to make.

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“If I knew modifications would affect insurance I wouldn’t have done that,” he said.

According to a document from Desjardins that was sent to Ayobi when he insured his vehicle;
“Your vehicle is considered to be modified if it has been changed in any way from its original condition in order to improve or alter its performance, appearance or increase its value. If you make or plan to make modifications to your vehicle, contact us to make certain we are able to insure you properly,”

Ayobi spent $2,000 to have the exhaust system upgraded, but kept the original in his basement, to be reinstalled when the four-year lease had finished. The small modification ended up costing him not only his vehicle, but his insurance policy was cancelled as well.

Luckily, after Global News contacted the insurance company, the decision not to pay was reversed, and Ayobi received the value of his vehicle. Other drivers might not be so lucky.

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