Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Insulated And Waterproof: Bering Stryker Touring Gloves

Insulated And Waterproof: Bering Stryker Touring Gloves

Sport-touring motorcycle gear, much like the bikes themselves, is a mix between adventure-touring and sportbike gear. Bering has a stylish and functional piece for you to consider. 

Bering has a ton of pieces in its collection, which includes racing, street, and adventure gear. The brand even has shoes in its collection which will help keep your feet dry, and there are also padded hoodies just in case you like to look very casual while on the bike. 

Anyway, this time, we have a more “serious” product from the French gear maker called the Stryker. Leather and other technical materials were used in the making of this piece which is geared more for the winter and fall rider. Blending elements from sport and adventure-style gear, the Stryker presents a stylish yet still functional package that’s likely to last you a while, and keep you comfortable on a long tour. 

The Stryker is an all-leather piece with strategically-placed goat skin panels, which allows for optimal levels of tactility, flexibility, as well as durability. In addition to the leather style, the Stryker’s is available with a breathable waterproof membrane to protect against rain and wind. There is also a thermal liner with up to 90 grams of insulation from cold weather. 

On the armor front, the glove is equipped with EN 13594.2015 level 1 CE-rated armor for the knuckle. Reinforcements, made out of leather, are also present on the palm side, and reflective inserts allow for better visibility at night. 

Bering Stryker Touring Gloves

As for other amenities, the glove has a mid-length cuff with a Velcro and elasticated enclosure system. Elasticated panels on the fingers allow for ample flexibility, and a touchscreen-compatible tip allows for smartphone interaction while on the go. 

The Stryker’s available in only black, and sizes range between 8 and 13. As for the price, the Bering Stryker touring gloves are priced at about $90 USD or about €84.99. 


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