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Honda launches new U-GO electric scooter in China, Auto News, ET Auto

U-GO electric scooter
U-GO electric scooter

Beijing: Automobile and motorbike giant Honda’s Chinese arm Wuyang-Honda has added a new electric scooter, ‘U-GO Electric Scooter’, to its lineup in the Chinese market.

The U-GO e-scooter comes in two models that are ultra-affordable and purely designed for urban commute, GizmoChina reported on Sunday.

The new Honda U-GO electric scooter is presently available in China at a starting price of 7,499 Chinese Yuan ($1,150) while the standard version is priced at 7,999 CNY ($1,233).

The standard model has a 1.2 kW continuous-rated hub motor with a peak rating of 1.8 kW and a top speed of 53 km/h. The second model has a lower power rating of 0.8 kW while the top speed peaks at 43 km/h.

Both models come with a removable Lithium-ion battery having a maximum capacity of 1.44 kW, the report said.

This can be doubled when it is upgraded to the bigger battery pack. Both models have an under-seat carriage with a capacity of 26L, it added.

According to the report the e-scooter market is booming in China and India owing partly to the favourable and incentive-filled business climate in the two countries.

The report also mentioned that it expects Honda to launch the new e-scooters in India in coming times.

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